Thursday, February 13, 2014

Visual Guide to Marvel Characters Movie Rights

Did you ever wondered what company exactly had the rights - the "character movie" rights - for each Marvel Super-Heroes? Well, this perfectly done info graphic will help you to know all about this for once and for all!

Picture: copyright Maurice Mitchell 2014


K. Martinez said...

This is nice to see. It definitely clears things up as to which studio has which character rights. I had no idea that Universal had the movie rights to Namor or that Hulk was back under Marvel Studios. Nice info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As good as this is, it is only movie rights, not what we're primarily interested in: theme park rights :)

For example, I believe that Universal still owns the rights to use Marvel characters in theme parks in the eastern half of the United States (east of the Mississippi).

And while Sony owns the Spiderman movie rights, that too is licensed by Universal for use in theme parks.