Friday, May 30, 2014

New Video of Tokyo Disneyland Once Upon a Time Projection Show WITH Pyrotechnics Effects !

I've got a new video for you of the spectacular Tokyo Disneyland "Once Upon a Time" Castle projection show, and this one is even in 4K! The one you've seen three days ago was filmed the first day of the press event day, on May 26, when they had heavy rain/wind. So naturally, as it happen often at TDL with these weather conditions, most of the pyrotechnic effects were cut. On this new one filmed one day later, the fireworks are there.

Although the effects are truly impressive in DLP Disney Dreams, I think that TDL Once Upon a Time has more sophisticated lighting design and more importantly, an effective storytelling. Disney Dreams follows the World of Color-style mash up of random Disney themes but the emotional arc is much more effective in Once Upon a Time. That said even if the technique is the same it's two different shows designed to create a different kind of emotions. Overall, however, the lack of fountains in the TDL show does lose some footing in the effects department. Thanks to Jackie for the link of this video and her comments!

Video: copyright minnie3232

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