Monday, May 26, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland Castle Projection Show " Once upon a time " - Full Show Video !


That's it, we have the first video of the awaited Tokyo Disneyland castle projection show "Once upon a time " created for TDL by Steve Davison and his WDI team! 

Enjoy the show! 

Video: copyright Duffy Channel


Anonymous said...

I remember in 2003 WDI was talking about painting Sleeping Beauty's Castle physically all Gold for the 50th anniversary. I mentioned to those involved that maybe you should just project the Gold color on at night during the celebrations and save a lot of paint and repaint money. Seems that idea was taken and passed on many times since.

Unknown said...

I think this is pretty good (especially the London scene!), but not that special. Nowhere near as good as Dreams, but I think it's a little better than Celebrate the Magic. I really don't like it when they project flat images on the castle. It seems lazy, and, to be honest, it's really a wasted opportunity.

Unknown said...

The way I see it, Disney Dreams> Once Upon a Time> Celebrate the Magic (on a slightly unrelated note, that's the same order in which I rank those three parks!).