Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DLP Update : Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril Re-Open After Five Months of Renovation !

All-right, here we go for a new DLP update, and this one is all about the freshly renovated Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril who reopened a few days ago. Apparently, and contrary to what DLP have said they didn't rebuilt the temple but only clean it from top to bottom, as well as all the theming elements in the queue decor.

Anyway, let's have a closer look at all this, always thanks to great pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. According to Max, the first thing one can see arriving at the temple is how the temple rocks are bright, without any dust or vegetation on them although always keeping the "old stone" look. Someone who do the ride for the first time might not be surprised but for all of us the difference will be spectacular.

Let's have a look at the queue decor, right after the skulls and bamboos of the entrance.

The first thing to note in the queue decor is how it is more clear and luminous than before. A big part of the bamboos located around the covered queue, between the tents, have been cut and the result is a space less stultifying and with more light for explorers guests.

The explorers decor is unchanged but they had a very welcome refurbishment and to say the truth everything looks brand new with all elements being cleaned and even sometime reorganized like on this new themed unit ( two first pictures below ) which was before near the explorers tent ( 3rd image below ). This reorganization allows a better theming of the queue decor, and so a better immersion as wished by the Imagineers. Those of you who know well the attraction will notice that the truck in the queue decor has disappeared, it should be temporary and be back when its restoration will be finished.

WDI Imagineer Pat Burke was among the ones who worked on the great theming of the temple and queue decor. He shares with Disney and more his memories of working on the Temple of Peril:

"The Temple had very little budget for show, sets, and props with it's tight management, as on all phase 2 projects after EDL opened.  Tony Baxter and Art Director Chris Teitz, asked me to stay on after opening the new fort expansion at Thunder Mesa, and bring my magic to the Temple.  With a lot of my key Irish staff from EDL opening, we were able to go through all the warehouse leftovers and piles of left over materials of wood and mine car track I had stored away for expansion.  I cranked out daily sketches to the crew to build from and we put together a themed show.  I came up with a lot of the show rigging and themed safety nets found on the Temple attraction as well.  I had 4 rope weavers I kept busy weaving by hand all the cargo nets you see.  I called them my Spider Men. There were also a lot of visual intrusions to hide each day.  

ESSO was the Temple sponsor so Tony Baxter asked me to do some research and come up with a way to tie ESSO into the show. With my knowledge of petroleum products I researched ESSO's beginnings around the Temples period.  I found products and period graphics which even ESSO did not know about.  I developed a whole line of crates, barrels, fuel cans and other products the vehicles in the show might use.  They were great but ESSO or Disney decided not to spend the extra money to do the show elements.

Working on the theming of DLP Indiana Jones temple was actually a good test for me, as when I would return home I would be creating queue line show from the opening and up to the load unload area for the new Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland. Having done 3 Jungle Cruises before, it was good to remind people I could do Adventureland as well as Frontierland."

More pictures of the refurbished queue decor...

As for refurbs on the track itself, the loop track is now brand new as you can see on this picture below posted on Twitter by Disneyland Paris with this text: "We have restored the whole show quality to brand new condition, and completely changed the ride control and the loop".

At the exit of the ride you'll see others decor elements, also refurbished...

New theming elements appeared on the front of the ride, who can be seen by visitors as well by temple explorers...

The Indiana Jones merchandise shop at the exit / entrance is closed for now which is not really smart considering that during week-ends the ride has a 60 minutes wait, and lot of guests.

As you've seen this five months refurbishment is at the end not insignificant and the attraction has been totally cleaned and renovated - and not rebuilt as it was announced. On the ride itself the loop has been changed and the whole theming elements refurbished. All lightings have been changed with to the new LED technology, confirming once again the park commitment to take care of environment.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome


Anonymous said...

Looks good, but why didn't DLP bring back the wood under the tracks, like it was when the ride opened?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, the wooden crossties are not all back in place, and i can't tell if they will be or not. DLP should put them back as it is important for the theming, but i won't bet at 100% that they will...

Anonymous said...

The wooden ties are very important for the show themeing and to soften all the steel construction. Another major missing show element are the wooden jungle constructed ladders that were placed at each level of the Temple for the crew. These ladders were created in about 4 different sizes to give forced perspective to the Temple. The smallest ladders would be near the top level and the biggest at the bottom level. This element was carried over to Disneyland and TDS Indy attractions. Yes there are 2 vehicles missing and hope they return with steer horns intact. Glad the rigging is still there and hope the cargo nets will be as well. The nets were there to visually look like they could catch falling pieces of temple during the excavation. Not too exited about LED lights in the themed camp lanterns. I'm not sure if LED's can work on a flicker card as the old bulbs did? The bulbs resembled more a hot flame with a slight flickering. They look a bit muted now. R1

Olaf said...

I understand that in the high season the waiting time can be long but why didn't they shorten the que line a little( the part left of the entrance that in the 16 times I have been there was open just once)
I think they could have than used that spave for a new ride in the future. Also What I have heard they will not replace the wood under the track because of safety. The wood that was there came loose because of the vibration of the track when a train passed.

Robert said...

Well, it's a shame that the wooden crossties aren't returning. The often unused queue was built after the opening, because the existing queue wasn't large enough and the carriages were smaller at that time (2 rows per car instead of 3). They put a roof on it too, since is was insanely hot during summers. So I don't see Disneyland demolishing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised with Disney's effort to replace real wood with synthetic long lasting materials, why they haven't come up with a synthetic track tie for all their attractions that use them like the Temple ride where the ties are far enough away not to realize they are plastic. They could be lighter and use fasteners that don't come loose from vibration. The ladders could also be made of this synthetic material which they have sample boards of at Imagineering. Some people don't realize the queue line is also a part of the show and should not be cut if there is themeing to appreciate. It's part of the foreplay to the story. Enjoy it. R1