Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More About My Yesterday's Announcement

First, i want to thanks all of you a lot for your very kind messages following my yesterday's announcement - that you can read HERE - that i may stop posting new articles on Disney and more in a few weeks from now. Comments whether on D&M or on the D&M Facebook page have been extremely kind from all of you, so thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Now, what exactly will happen: first, even if i decide to stop posting on Disney and more D&M great archives collection will remain and won't "disappear". Some of you were afraid that everything disappear so i want to confirm that it won't be the case and it's not at all my intention.

Also, as i told you yesterday my decision is not totally fixed yet but right now, at the time i'm writing, it's true that i intend to stop. There are many reasons for that, some that i've told you yesterday, others that you will probably know later. May be i only need a long break or a "sabbatical year", may be it's really a change of desire, that's what i need to identify precisely. We all have been through these kind of times when the old desire is not really here anymore but the new one is not identified yet. It often takes some time to find it and that's why i can't fix a precise date for ending new posts on D&M.

Some of you also have post some kind suggestions, like "why not having a team of volunteers who will continue Disney and more", or having a small monthly fee to access to D&M, etc... But it's not really for me a question of money, it's mostly a question of desire and to make a choice between different possibilities for the future. In two words it's a problem between me and me and no one from the outside can find the answer for me. Don't worry, it happened to me before and i know - as they would say in the Haunted Mansion - that i will find the "way out" in my mind anytime soon.

Cheers for now!

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butterfingers said...

Cher Alain;
I prefer to write this in English,altough I live in Paris.
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your truly delightfull blog;I took so much pleasure to read each and every article you posted and I am very sad you might stop completely altogether.I bought your book the moment it got out.I was still working for Disney feature animation(Monteuil) at that time and I remember that seeing your book in the windowdisplay of a bookshop gave me a jolt only really good and anticipated books can give you.
I always got the same jolts of joy whenever I discovered new articles in your blog and will truly miss checking it out every two days;You got me addicted to it ,so it will take some time to try and live without it..
I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next,and hopefully it'll be something Disney related (you should so get hired by Disney)..
Again a million thanks for the vast archives you've left,I hope they will stay at my disposition for ever.And if not you should consider to print the best articles in a book.I would run to the store to get it.thanks .Jeroen Dejonckheere.