Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disneyland Paris WDS Update : The Ratatouille Land Pictures You've Not Seen Before !

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. And this time we will have a look at the WDS Ratatouille land in a different way than before, and you'll see plenty of new theming that you've not seen before!

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Let's move now to the new Ratatouille land which became instantly popular from day one, with long lines to access to the ride. Good to see this land with plenty of guests enjoying it after we've seen it in construction the last two and a half years. Just like in the real Paris, you can even see - picture above - two lovers relaxing on a bench... 

Note that the weather was cloudy and rainy a few days ago when Max shot the pictures, apparently the sun is back now.

By the way, the water pressure on Remy's fountain at the center of the plaza has been reduced to avoid to have too much water "flying" when there is strong winds. 

In addition to the new pictures showing you other parts of the land that you'll see in a few seconds i also asked Max if he could shoot pictures of the "reverse angle", as well as the arch leading to Toy Story Land, the one with the bust of Gusteau which was hidden during the works.

The main reason why i was interested to get some shots of the reverse angle was to see if there is a visual intrusion of Toy Story Playland Parachute Drop and RC Racer rides for someone standing in the Ratatouille land . And yes, as you can see on the pictures above and below, there IS a serious visual intrusion problem, it's the least we can say, as you can't escape to see Parachute Drop and RC Racer from the Ratatouille land. And, as Peter, a D&M reader just reminded me on the D&M Facebook page, let's not forget also a "scream intrusion" with the screams of the guests on RC Racer! Sure, it's a pity, but don't blame DLP Imagineers as it was almost impossible to hide the two rides, except of course if the Ratatouille land would have been built in a different location. Hopefully when the vegetation will grow up in the future it might hide them a bit more.

Here is a panoramic view that i've quickly done with two of the views above to show you all in one shot.

Not too far from the fountain the merchandise shop "Chez Marianne" is still not open yet but the outside is ready for opening.

I've promised you pictures of the land that you've not seen before and there we go to explore the theming of the area in and around the covered market structure where guests are waiting before entering the show building.

Giant posters Ads with Gusteau and Anton Ego are displayed on the walls.

Nearby this covered market structure there is more theming, like this shop and hotel facades.

A plaque in tribute to the great Chef Paul Bocuse who partly served as inspiration for Gusteau can be seen on the walls.

At the ride entrance for guests with a Fast Pass you'll note the hidden Mickey "holding" the clock.

Let's have a look now at some pictures of the queue decor and loading room!

So many rooftops and chimneys they could do a Mary Poppins ride in there !

Max did the ride once again...

...and suddenly: a 1.0.1! Technical problem, projections and vehicles stopped, guests were escorted by cast members to the exit... and Max filmed everything as you will see on the video below.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome


Zarniwoop said...

There has been 101's every time I've visited Rattatoulle: At the Shareholders Club preview we waited 50 min and then they empty the whole building. It took 25 min an then they let us in again.

Last Friday emergency lights turned on while I was at the queue.. waited 50 mins inside this time.. patiently. They didn't evacuate the queues, but... 50 min is awful lot to stand still. When they finally got it running, the ride had hiccups; the ratmobiles didn't "jump" or bow to create movement effects. They stopped few times between scenes.. Also most scenes were double long; rats trying to open the champagne bottle took 7-8 tries before the cork opened.. and the last restaurant scene was nearly two minutes long.. at least the film did not stop or jump to the beginning.

So besides rats the ride has a lot of bugs too..

mr.Lime said...

Yes, the visual intrusion is a problem, but only when you exit the attraction. Which is actually pretty sad, because after riding a very beautiful and immersive attraction, you exit and see immediately the huge flashy RC Racer and Parachute Drop. An instant reminder that you are in WDS.

Luckily there is no intrusion problem when you walk around the land and enjoy the visual beauty of the buildings, street and square.

What actually surprises me the most, is the almost total lack of pictures on the internet of the biggest visual intrusion problem on the Ratatouille site. When you leave the land by walking through the Parisian street (in the direction of Buzz and Cars), you get a "great view" of the large unthemed part of the former costume building. For some reason just half the building was themed like a Parisian street, and they only added a few extra (full-grown!) trees to cover up the rest of the ugly building. Unfortunately these big trees don't even come close in hiding those unthemed walls, resulting into a pretty disappointing exit from the Ratatouille area.