Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shanghaî Disneyland Update: First Renderings of Shanghaî Disneyland Hotels ! Article Now in an Updated Version !

A few weeks ago i found on the DCP forum these renderings and pictures showing what are probably the very first renderings of the two Shanghaî Disneyland hotels. They were coming from a chinese website named kzcpm.com  but i cannot guarantee that they show the final design. They might be early concept-arts, i.e those which are done at the start of the project and then the design changes, slightly or not. But one thing is sure, their shape looks very close to the one of the blueprints released officially some months ago.

Anyway, the rendering at the top is of course supposed to show the "five stars" Shanghaî Disneyland" hotel, the one which will be close to SDL lake, facing the park and SDL castle  with a perfect view of the SDL fireworks at night. The pictures below shows how will look a bedroom and the decor of a restaurant and it's interesting to see that the style seems to be influenced by the famous european "art nouveau" style which appeared early last century. Personally, i love it, and it seems that i am not the only one as the new decor of Club 33 at Disneyland seems to be, at least for some parts, also inspired by the art nouveau style.

The next rendering shows of course the Toy Story themed budget hotel with the big Pixar ball located near the entrance.

The next two pictures shows the model of the hotel with a night lighting and a hotel room as it might look when the hotel will open.

Now, the problem with the docs here is that they were posted in small size ( 559 X 273 ) and low resolution ( 72 dpi ), so it's hard to see clearly all the details. Normally when an image is in such low resolution what happen if you try to enlarge it is that you see all the pixels instantly. But some months ago i've discovered a little trick to avoid this. What i do is that i send the picture on my iPad and then make i full frame on the iPad and take a screen capture of it that i send back to my Mac. That way you can enlarge the pic and avoid to see the pixels, thanks probably to the Retina screen of the iPad. You won' have a better sharpness because there is no miracle, but you avoid seeing the pixels. Then you can enhance it a bit through Photoshop, in this case a bit more contrast .

So here are the enlarged versions of the two above renderings, click on them to see them in big.

But there is more to see in these renderings by having them a bit more bigger. On the one showing eh SDL 5 stars hotel you can guess behind, on teh other side of the lake, the park entrance and esplanade and "Disney Town", which will be SDL "Downtown Disney".

Don't see them? Here is the same pic with indication. Note that you can also see a bit better the entrance architecture of the SDL hotel.

And on the second rendering we can see something even more interesting in the background, i.e the show building of the Tron Light Cycles Power Run motor bike coaster ride with on its right what is called "Tron Cover", a modern structure that will come upon the part of the coaster track which will be outside before getting inside the show building.

Here is the same pic with indications. You'll also note the orange structure at the entrance of the Toy Story themed hotel which reminds the Toy Story Land RC Coaster track.

If you want to compare these renderings with the blueprints of each hotel released last year, here they are, with the one for the SDL 5 stars hotel first and the one for the Toy Story themed hotel next.

See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi


Robert said...

The Toy Story hotel is hideous! It would've been better if they built normal themed budget hotels.

Colin said...

good research you did there. Can't wait till the opening of this fascinating new resort. I'm really interested in all the technology used for the rides. Many unique ride in Shanghai too. I do count Peter Pan's flight as unique if they really are going to add cool new effects. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train looks different to me, maybe they are using different technology too. Tron looks as an amazing ride and I can see this ride going to other resorts too. The Dino ride is interesting too and ofcourse the Caribbean land.

Colin said...

I also heard rumours of other rides coming to this land like toy story mania,mission space from epcot, a disney princess dark ride, a pirate splash battle and maybe even a longer and more advanced mr toad ride. There have also been releases of mysterious concept art which might hint to a second gate for either Shanghai or Hong Kong

Tom said...

Thanks for this! The Disneyland Hotel looks amazing from the inside. Sometimes I think the style of the Victorian themed Disneyland hotels is a little too much, this Art Nouveau approach looks to work great, it looks just like the hotel I would love to stay :)

As for the Toy Story Hotel, it does look awful, as well from the inside as the outside. I hope they will surprise us, as this looks like inspiration ran out...

Colin said...

The Toy Story hotel should've been a budget hotel based on different Pixar movies maybe all-star Pixar resort and it would look like Art of Animation resort but then only with Pixar movies.