Sunday, August 31, 2014

Universal Singapore Updates : "Puss in Boots" Coaster and Halloween Horror Nights

Luke, from Luke and the Temple of Fun is back with two new updates on what's new at Universal Singapore! The first one will show you the great decor which is now in place for the Halloween Horror Nights and i love this broken Statue of Liberty in New York Street which reminds me the legendary final of the very first Planet of the Apes...

And the second update will show you plenty of new pictures of the upcoming new family inverted coaster ride called "Puss in Boots" located in the Shrek "Far Far Away" land. Although i'm sure the ride will be fun i'm less enthusiastic about this one because of the coaster structure itself. I know it's inevitable but it makes me think to an oil refinery... Anyway, it'll be located in the back of the land so hopefully it won't be too visible from the rest of the park.

The stage for new street show "The Dance for the Magic Beans" has its stage already set up too.

So, jump to Luke and the Temple of Fun to see all this HERE and HERE.

Pictures: copyright Luke and the Temple of Fun

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