Friday, September 5, 2014

HKDL Fantasyland and Toy Story Land Pictorial Update - Plus : 2015 HLDL 10th Anniversary Attraction Revealed !

We're back today at Hong Kong Disneyland for a new pictorial update, this time all around Fantasyland and Toy Story Land. And, yes, as promised, you'll know what is the mysterious new attraction coming in 2015!

Let's start our Fantasyland visit by walking through the castle and the two pics below will show you the different view that you have depending if you're entering or exiting Fantasyland. I also remind you that HKDL Sleeping Beauty castle is similar to the original one at Disneyland.

And just like in Disneyland you'll find Snow White Grotto on the right of the castle.

The Sword in the Stone show with Merlin is happening here near the Carousel.

On the right of the Carousel guests can find the Winnie the Pooh ride, and this is the U.S version , not the TDL version.

Cool theming for the Winnie the Pooh merchandise shop at the exit of the ride.

Three different kind of "turrets" on the same shot with the ones of the Winnie entrance, the one of the castle wall behind and in the background the ones of Space Mountain"

You'll find also in Fantasyland the Dumbo ride... well as the Mad Hatter tea cups ride.

HKDL Fantasyland also include Mickey's Philarmagic, always popular...

...a lovely train station, inspired by the one of Casey Jr...

...the charming Fantasy Gardens where children can meet and greet Disney characters and see great topiaries. And, yes, the Mickey sorcerer sculpture at the entrance is identical to the one at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris.

One of my favorite HKDL restaurant is also in Fantasyland and it's the great Royal Banquet Hall with its wonderful theming which include murals painting, and sculptures.

Yes, the Beauty and the Beast sculpture above is the same one that WDW guests can find at the Be our Guests restaurant in the new Fantasyland.

It's a Small World was part of the new additions some years ago and it's one of my favorite version on the ride. Cool banners too on the walkway leading to the ride.

The Fantasyland sign below marks the entrance to the land when you're coming from Adventureland of Toy Story Land.

And it's also nearby that, until a few weeks ago, guests could meet and greet with Tinkerbell in a Pixie Hollow decor.

A lovely Tinkerbell indeed, by the way!

Now, have a closer look in the picture above to the land located behind Tink. Because it's on this land where, and up to the Fantasyland train station, works started recently for the new 2015 attraction. The Pixie Hollow decor has been removed on the left, closer to Adventureland, and the land is now surrounded by fences hiding the works, as usual.

So, what will be this new mysterious attraction, you ask? Well, Disney Princesses will receive their union attraction in Fantasyland and it will be a maze just like what they did with the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth at DLP, but of course with a totally different theming. Castles and famous scenes from Disney Princesses movies will be seen inside at every corner, and more than that, as HKDL Imagineers will add interactive elements to make these scenes to become alive.

Although they may change the date, so far the Princesses Labyrinth is scheduled to open on Sep 12, 2015, because it'll be the date of HKDL 10th Anniversary. "Princess Forest" is the working title, but i've been told that the final title should be very similar. Though this Princess labyrinth is in the plans since a while, considering the big hit of Frozen they might replace one of the originally envisioned scene with one with Queen Elsa and Anna.

As you may know it's not rare to have rain in Hong Kong, so most of the existing Meet-and-Greets take place in kiosks. HKDL is going to build more kiosks to meet the characters and we may expect this new Princess Labyrinth to eventually come with a princess meet and greet experience.

For Pixie Hollow and Tinkerbell, they apparently changed their plans. Tinkerbell appears already in Flights of Fantasy parade and soon will join the awaited Disney Paint the Night parade. Tink will be here at least during the five coming years and the temporary photo ops in Fantasyland that you've seen above needs a more permanent structure, so they'll build a permanent one for her, which makes sense.

You can expect the area to become a meet and greet area with the Disney female characters and also with props and scenes related to fairies and princesses. And with the introduction of Photo Pass, more characters will also make their appearances in Fantasyland to boost HKDL sales of photos!

Let's move now to Toy Story Land and the signs that you see below can be find too at the other end of Adventureland. They're here of course to direct the guests to the new lands.

At the entrance elf Toy Story Land the giant Woody is really cool!

The rides are similar to the ones at DLP Walt Disney Studios - but Shanghaî Disneyland will not have the Parachute Drop.

I like this Jessie's Snack Roundup, i think they should add it at WDS Toy Story Playland...

Rex is here too, but kids can't climb on it as they could at DLP WDS when they opened the land. They probably learned from the damages which happened at the one at DLP soon after the TSPL opening.

And that's all for today's HKDL update, the next ones will  take us to Adventureland or the new Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point lands! Let's end with picture of HKDL castle at sunset and tell us in the comments what you think of the new upcoming attraction!

Pictures: copyright Disney and more


Anonymous said...

Interesting news about the labyrinth. I was thinking that Alice's Labyrinth from Paris would be an ideal fit for HKDL, and so this princess-themed version sounds like a nice compromise. If it's done well it could be a really lovely addition to a charming park.

However the area that they are putting it seems rather small. Do you know if they are going to keep it within the train tracks, or expand it to the other side of the tracks? Since the train is currently not running so that they can build the Iron Man ride, this might be possible....

Alain Littaye said...

No, they won't expand behind the train track, but the land is not that small, it's probably as big as Alice labyrinth at DLP.

Colin said...

Very interesting I wonder how they are going to complete this.

K. Martinez said...

I was kind of bummed when they copied the Anaheim castle. I was hoping ours would remain unique. I do like the banners on the way to "it's a small world". Nice update. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, it sounds a lot like the fairytale forest at Efteling. If they do it right I'd expect it to be similar. Hoped HK Disneyland would get a legit Beauty and the Beast attraction or a Snow White's Scary Adventures, because it's one of my favorite Disney rides, but this could have some of the scenes from those movies