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D23 Expo : More About HKDL Iron Man Experience, Opening in 2016

In this last article about D23 Expo we'll have  a closer look to the awaited HKDL Iron Man Experience attraction opening next year at HKDL Tomorrowland. As always, we have to thanks Andy Castro for his great pictures that he took all along the Expo!

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As you can see D&M reports on D23 were mostly about new attractions and Imagineering but more happened at D23 and you can find others pictorial reports of Andy Castro on Mice Age HERE including his latest one about the great Disney Archives exhibit about Disneyland HERE. And you can always follow Andy's pictures on Dateline Disneyland HERE.

Let's come back to HKDL Iron Man Experience now and the attraction will start by a Stark Expo which will be a showcase of Tony Stark / Iron Man inventions...

HKDL guests will be introduced to the history of Stark Industries...

...and his latest technologies.

By the way, you may remember this rendering released two years ago, showing the entrance of the Iron Man Experience area at HKDL Tomorrowland...

Now, they've shown it again during the presentation but it's not totally the same one, i let you find the differences...

Then the presentation by a WDI Imagineer introduced the design of the simulator shuttle in which guests will feel like being inside an Iron Man suit.

Then came more details about the ride itself showing first the Hong Kong Stark tower...

...with a close shot on the top of it.

As expected something will go wrong and riders will experience an attack by the dark forces of Hydra, and fight along with Iron Man Hydra robots...

...and we'll discover  some never seen before faces of Hydra...

A few seconds of the ride movie was shown at D23 and here it is, filmed by Inside the Magic.

Now, here is something interesting that you may have noticed in the pictures or ride footage above: it's raining! And so what, you ask? Well, as we know the ride will be a simulator ride using the same technology than Star Tours but with the latest simulators available, so hopefully better. But creating a simple simulator ride has always seem to me not enough, even with a 3D movie. Now, seeing the rain in these pictures or footage makes me think that HKDL Imagineers may introduce an additional effect inside the simulator, and it's something they know well to do as they did it in Tokyo Disney Sea's Storm Rider ride. Yes, i'm talking about having rain inside the simulator. This is not at all 100% sure as it is just my guess and i may be wrong. At TDS the "alibi" to have rain inside the simulator was that it has been hit by a rocket but here it could be different and it wouldn't be too difficult to introduce  in the script a good reason to justify rain inside the simulator. Again, it's just my feeling. A simple simulator ride with no others effects than 3D might look a bit disappointing so i'm sure they've thought to add others effects. But the choice of effects inside a simulator cabin is limited so that's why when i saw the rain i thought about having rain inside the cabin. We'll see if i'm right or not next year!

Let's end with the video of the full Iron Man presentation at D23, also filmed by Inside the Magic.

Pictures: copyright Andy Castro, Disney

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