Friday, November 27, 2015

Shanghai Disneyland Update : A Look at Adventure Isle in Details

You've seen before this great rendering above showing Shanghaî Disneyland Adventure Isle. The file you've seen previously was a 2000px file, surely big enough to allow to zoom in it but not enough to see everything in clear details. I've succeeded to find a 8000px file and this one allows to zoom even more in the artwork without losing in quality. So, let's have a closer look at Adventure Isle, would we? Also, i strongly suggest you to click on each picture to see it in bigger size. You also have for each the official description from SDL.

We start by Roaring Rapids, the big E-Ticket ride of the land:

"Roaring Rapids will take guests on a white-knuckle adventure through the heart of Adventure Isle. Riding a raft propelled only by gravity and water, anything can happen as guests plunge down a mountain and into a dark cavern where the undiscovered secrets of an ancient tribal legend and the reptilian creature Q’aráq are revealed. Only those who venture into the mountain will encounter the massive, mysterious Q’aráq."

As you can see on the above artwork, the Roaring Rapids raft ride will not only have a drop but also will go inside the mountain - to meet the creature - and include too geyser and fire effects. The loading area is in the round building in the center with the queue going on first in the open air building below, on the bottom. Then the rafts will go down before turning left and go up to the mountain. When they'll come down before the arrival there will be some fire effect, then the drop, and a geyser sequence just before the unload.

On this next one we can see the rafts already up in the mountain before getting inside it. The mountain waterfalls should be impressive and highly enjoyable!

The scaffolding looking structure that you see near the mountain is the one for Camp Discovery:

"Shanghai Disneyland is the first Disney park to offer Camp Discovery, a place where adventurers of all ages and abilities will gather to explore waterfalls, ruins and dig sites in search of ancient tribal relics. They may explore natural wonders and ancient legends, trek past waterfalls and discover tribal ruins in an elevated ropes course created specifically for this land. Guests will be able to choose their own expeditions at Camp Discovery, with some opting for the thrilling natural wonders of Roaring Mountain and others choosing to see the views and become immersed in science, nature, and history."

SDL guests will not only climb up this structure but also explore caves located on the left side of the mountain. The building you can see on the left is probably the one for the Tarzan show, the show building for Soaring Over The Horizon being a bit further on the right behind the mountain.

There is more to see in Adventure Isle with the Tribal table restaurant and Explorers Canoes...

The Tribal Table restaurant located near the entrance to the Roaring Rapids ride will be "a festive, art-filled restaurant, inviting guests to come together for an appetizing meal in a sensory dining experience. Sights, sounds and smells will whet the appetite as guests enjoy the action of live cooking with fiery woks and rotisseries. This ancient gathering house in the Arbori village is the native heart and soul of the land, offering vivid flavors, a friendly atmosphere and beautiful artwork. The murals, artifacts and illustrations will dazzle visitors with scenes from a rich native culture".

Next door will be the departure point for the Explorer Canoes...

...which will go from Adventure Isle to Treasure Cove Lagoon... moving around this little isle which separate the two lands.

And that's all for this closer look at Shanghaî Disneyland Adventure Isle, hope you'll enjoyed it and don't miss the Black Friday special offer on the Disneyland Paris book in the article below!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi


Xavier said...

Soarin building is massive and with a small themed front. Hope it won't spoil the size effect of the mountain next door. Maybe it would have been a better fit in Tomorowland with a spectacular building. Wait & see...

As for the Roaring Rapids, it seems you have the right explanation. Yet it bugs me that the encounter with the giant Q’aráq is not the big final. Strange to finish the ride with a lengthy track with effects taken from Raging Spirits/HKDL Jungle Cruise.

K. Martinez said...

Adventure Isle looks fantastic! The mountain looks cool and I'm really liking the Explorer Canoes and Treasure Cove Lagoon artwork. As magnificent as the mountain looks, I'd think they could come up with a better name than "Roaring Mountain". "Roaring Rapids" also is the name of some of the river rapids rides at several Six Flags parks here in the States. Not very original and too generic. Other than that it looks like a really beautifully themed area. Thanks, Alain.

Xavier, I agree with you about Soarin'. Tomorrowland would be a better fit.

Unknown said...

Themeing seems on point. But for me I'm just not a fan of the rapids style ride system. It's dated to me and I just can't stand to get drenched and the walk around the park all day. It's been years since I've been on the one at disneyland because it's like having huge buckets of water poured over your head. But of course I'll give it a shot when I go!

Anonymous said...

But you won't publish the big file as a whole?

Alain Littaye said...

Not yet, I will later.

Anonymous said...

Based on the aerial shots that I have seen of the rapids ride, it is essentially a rethemed grizzly river run.