Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tim O'Brien Awaited Biography of Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter Now Available on Amazon!

Here is the Imagineer biography i was waiting for since a long time! Tim O'Brien, theme park specialist and award-winning photo journalist has published a fantastic biography of legendary WDI Imagineer Tony Baxter titled "Tony Baxter: First of the Second Generation of Walt Disney Imagineers" which is now available on Amazon for $16.99 HERE.

As you know Tony Baxter, former senior vice president of creative development at Walt Disney Imagineering was responsible for creating designs and carrying out the construction of attractions all over the world. During his 47-year tenure with the company, he oversaw the construction of multiple contemporary Disney theme park attractions, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours, Splash Mountain, The Indiana Jones Adventure, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Epcot' Journey Into Imagination. Tony was also Executive Creative Director for Disneyland Paris park.

Tony, who is beloved by Disney Parks fans, was first hired at Disneyland Park in 1965 as an ice cream scooper on Main Street, U.S.A. at the age of 17. During his employment at the park, he held many different positions. He later caught the attention of WED Enterprises -now known as Walt Disney Imagineering. During his first 24 years he built up his rank within the company until he was given the position as senior vice president of creative development in Walt Disney Imagineering.

Tim O'Brien book tells the story of Tony fantastic career at WDI, and more, and it's a book you must really not miss. For those of you living overseas or who can't wait to read it, an Amazon Kindle eBook will also be available soon on Amazon!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Tim O'Brien

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