Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Construction Update

Here is a short Shanghaî Disneyland update with some pictures found here and there. The first one above is great picture posted by jeremiahgood - with the rendering as reference - showing the Journey to the Crystal Grotto outdoor decor. The vegetation is already in place and it's starting to really take shape!

The next Shanghaî Disneyland picture below was shot recently "by a cold day of winter" as written in the caption on Instagram, and showing the TRON ride dome in Tomorrowland. As you can see, from the elevated walkway from where the picture has been shot, the TRON "cube" show building painted in a light blue can be seen behind the TRON outdoor dome. It would have been better if it was not the case and if the TRON dome would have been a little bit higher to hide it.

Michael Chase posted on Instagram this next picture showing for the first time the inside of SDL Walt Disney Grand Theatre in Disney Town. With this comment: "This is a photo inside Shanghai Disney Resort's, Walt Disney Grand Theatre, during an internal WDI Town Hall Meeting held in October. COO Tom Staggs was there as well to address a room full of 900+ Imagineers. This is the theatre I started with on this project, it's been an honor to work on the development of this".
One thing is sure: at least the Walt Disney Grand Theatre is ready if the park is not yet!

A last picture related to SDL and showing what seems to be apparently a kit given to people part of SDL opening team including a Big Hero 6 Dvd, a SDL pen AND an "Opening Team" pin! These are the folks to whom we should ask when will be the opening! :-)
Pictures: copyright Disney, DR


Jamie Wynder said...

I want that pin!! The park looks beautiful in the painting!

John Horton said...

So the Walt Disney Grand Theatre is already? Just in time For The Lion King cool.

Brandon Piazza said...

The lion king show will be a seperate paid admission right? Not like the one at hong kong or florida? It's hard to tell by the pic but the theater seems kind of small considering how the "animals" come parading thru the aisles!

Alain Littaye said...

That's right, Brandon, it'll be a separate admission most probably, just like if you were going to see the musical in a theater on Broadway or London West End. I think it'll be okay for the "animals" to move in the aisles, just like in a Broadway theater, i don't worry about that.

Brandon Piazza said...

But still, on a smaller scale, the theater, than what the expected scale of shanghai Disneyland seems to encompass! I think tickets will definately be a luxury item given the capacity, and the enormity of the Shanghai audience!