Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Hotels Update - With New Artworks !

I've got a new Shanghaî Disneyland update for you today and this time it's all about SDL Hotels as new renderings of each hotel were posted on the Shanghaî Disney Resort website!

We'll start by the Shanghaî Disneyland five stars "art nouveau" style hotel.

First picture shows the SDL hotel lobby. Nota that all pictures were shown as a digital book with half of them on each page so i had to stick the two parts of each image together, that's why the pics have a kind of vertical line in the center.

The next picture below shows some of the artworks that will be displayed in the hotel, with an art nouveau style.

Next is the elegant art-nouveau restaurant.

I'm adding this next picture showing the bar which was released previously.

First picture showing a room of the SDL Hotel!

The swimming pool of the SDL Hotel, with a Little Mermaid theme.

...And the Grand ball room which will be perfect for wedding celebrations!

Let's have a look now at the Toy Story Hotel.

The hotel has of course a Toy Story theming.

The pictures below shows the entrance of the hotel and the hotel lobby.

Next is a picture of a room of the Toy Story Hotel.

A rendering showing the outer areas of the hotel.

Next artwork shows the outdoor area with a giant Woody as well as Rex and the Pixar ball.

And here is the artwork for the other outdoor area with a giant Buzz Lightyear.

That's all for today's SDL Update, more coming soon so stay tuned on D&M!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Only minor thing I am not really feeling is the room design at the SDL Hotel.. looks pretty basic to me compared to other 5 star hotel rooms of Disney. The rooms at the Toy Story Hotel somehow look more expensive :)

Unknown said...

With the dark colored wood trim at SDL hotel, the Chinese tradition is very present in the design. Something Disney has been boastful around the resort for its traditional or distinctly chinese design inclusion. I'm concerned the opulence is tuff for art neuveau. As much as I hate to say it, the hotel is kinda coming in as a mishmash of styles. I'm sure it will all work as one harmonious overall design once you're present in Shanghai, but right now these disigns have me on the fence!

Xavier said...

The restaurant looks a bit blend. But the bar is more interesting.
Aside from the general previous comments about the lobby, i can't wait to see what will be (or won't be) on the roof of the main building.

I higly doubt the picture shown as the SDH room is accurate.
That's a room from HDL Hollywood hotel. It's in full Art Deco mode so quite strange in an Art Nouveau hotel...

gymguy said...

The one thing I find interesting about the Shanghai Disney Land hotel is the pool. It does not seem very big. It seems basic. I would expect something more considering all of the deluxe resorts in Disney world have much bigger and more themed elements . There is also no water slide which seems to be a staple at most deluxe new Disney resoresort. Do the Chinese not put as much emphasis on pools when the travel? It also does not seem big enough for the hotel. Is the going to be a main theme pool outside?

Anonymous said...

Some of the renderings are really hideous. I think even an architecture student can do better than that. Maybe that's what Disney calls "distinctly Chinese".
p.s. The first room photo is actually the rooms in Disney's Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

All those renderings are correct except the room - the actual room looks nothing like that.

Tom said...

The room in the picture of the SHDL hotel is from Disney's Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland ;)

Is it a mistake or will they actually make the same rooms?

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do you post wrong room pictures?? The supposed Disneyland hotel room is actually the room at Hong Kong Disneyland's Hollywood hotel! The room at the DLH will look totally different and has been posted online already.