Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Closer Look at Shanghaî Disneyland Guide Map

On the new version of the Shanghaî Disneyland site you'll find a brand new map of the park and resort. Actually, this new map is most probably the same than the "guide map" that SDL guests will be able to pick up when they'll visit the park starting June 16! And this map reveal here and there details we didn't knew about the park, so let's have a closer look at it. Just make sure to click on each screen captures to see them in big size.

First picture below shows the park entrance on the right and Disney Town on the left.  The Steamboat Willie fountain is located before the entrance on the lower right of the pic. The important point here is on the upper left as you'll see there is a path going from the park to the upper part of Disney Town, meaning that SDL guests will most probably be able to exit the park using this path to enter directly inside Disney Town.

A closer look at the World of Disney Store shows it will have a Mickey in an airplane - probably turning endlessly - on the top.

And nearby the Lakeshore restaurants close to Wishing Star lake have a "Lakeshore" marquee on the top.

Okay, let's go in the park now and the picture below shows Mickey Avenue, with the Carthay Theater at the top left of this little Avenue. By the way, note that each time you'll see a little black hat with stars going out of it it means that it'll be an "entertainment location" whether it'll be musicians, street performers, characters meeting point, or shows.

Next is the map of the Gardens of Imagination. Note the arch at the entrance, when you drive from Mickey Avenue. The fantasia Carousel is the one on the right and the Dumbo ride is on the left.

The picture below shows the whole Fantasyland and Enchanted Storybook castle.

But there is more to see in Fantasyland, so let's have a closer look. First a close-up on SDL castle.

The map of Voyage to the Crystal grotto ride reveal in which order guests will discover each scenes of the boat ride.

Even more interesting, the part of the map showing the Alice in Wonderland Maze, inspired by Tim Burton movie. You'll see where will be located the giant head of the Red Queen, close to the castle, as well as the Mad Hatter Tea Party table, at the other end of the maze. Note the multiple entrances of the maze.

The picture below shows the Fantasyland buildings on the left of the castle with Peter pan's Flight at the very left. The building on the other side, at the top, is the load : unload building for Voyage to the Crystal grotto.

Next picture shows the Seven Dwarfs mine Train. No big surprise here, but note the Winnie the Pooh rides on the left.

Below, the part of the map showing the two Winnie the Pooh rides - the regular dark ride, DL version, not the one of TDL - and the "tea cups" ride with Hunny pots, as well as the Tangled tower and tavern restaurant.

A close up on the Winnie area shows that the entrance should look like the one at Disneyland.

The other building nearby will be where will take place the Frozen Sing-a-long Celebration.

Let's move now to Treasure Cove and its pirates theming! The screen capture below shows of course the POTC fortress..

...and the little pirate village on the right with the entrance to the Barbossa's restaurant.

The next picture shows Treasure Cove lagoon that guests will be able to explore with the canoes...

But if we look even closer we can discover the location of "Skull Island", made with multiple skull rocks...

Let's move to Adventure Isle and its huge Roaring Rapids mountain! If you look at the upper right behind the mountain you'll see a stone arch, the entrance to Soaring Over the Horizon attraction!

A zoom on Roaring Rapids mountain fro a closer look to Camp Discovery and the twist and turns of the Roaring Rapids raft ride.

We still have one more land to look at, and it's Tomorrowland! The Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue rid as well was the Stitch Encounter are located in the "super block" building on the bottom.  Also note this little restaurant on the top left...'s called "Celebration Cafe" and you can see painted on the wall Mickey and the gang as well as others Disney characters.

Well, that's it for the exploration of this new SDL map which, as i've said, will surely be the guide map of the park, starting June 16! See you soon for more Shanghaî Disneyland updates and in the meantime, as Disney and more needs your support, if you liked the article any donation is welcome, feel free to use the Paypal button below.

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi


mark russell said...

I thought a Toy Story land like the one at DLP was going to be included?

Alain Littaye said...

Well, what you see on the map is what you'll get ...and nothing else fro now. It's also the map of a park at opening day, i.e they keep in their sleeve other rides to be added quickly if needed to increase the park capacity, like they did at DLP 20 years ago. Like the Toy Story land which was envisioned before and which has disappeared since one year. Personally i'm happy it did as i think they shouldn't put a Toy Story land in a "Magic Kingdom" park but we'll see if they bring it back...

Anonymous said...

"Celebration Cafe" is where Toy Story Land would have gone. Maybe they're backpedaling, waiting for Star Wars or Marvel land to be built here?

Anonymous said...

I would be so proud if they wont build here an ToyStoryLand... Better save the (small amount of) money for something fitting the suroundings better. I do wonder why the seven dwarfs house is not on the map... You can see they put in some extra trees in this corner were the house should be. Also I would like to hear your thoughts on all the strange path-ends on the map where it is very clear that these will be later on added paths going to new parts of the park... but where to? ;)

Nrthwnd said...

I seem to remember the building of Toy Story Land in it's original spot, was to compliment the Toy Story HOTEL on the other side of the park, there. Yes? No? It looked like that to me.

Alain Littaye said...

May be, but they won't build an entire land just because it's close to a similar theme hotel. Toy Story Land is generally added of course because Toy Story movies are popular but also because it adds capacity to a park at a reasonable cost.

DavidC said...

The Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shendi Group Co. Ltd increased their investment in Shanghai Disneyland to add attractions prior to the park opening. Do you know which attractions were added?

Mark Hickson said...

A most Excellent post Alain!!