Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Awesome Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Pictures Shows that SDL Park and Resort Should be Ready for June 16 Grand Opening

As promised yesterday i've got a great Shanghaî Disneyland article for you to start the week, and it's brand new awesome aerial pictures of the park and resort, shot as usual early morning by Chinese with a drone, which by the way is the reason why the sky is never blue on these drone pictures. But what they reveal is good news as the construction of the park and resort is more advanced than we thought. Note: if some images don't appear with your browser, right click on them to open the picture link in Photobucket.

Some of you, because of the lack of vegetation and the big mess still visible on the construction site started to doubt they could be ready for the June 16 grand opening. Well, doubt no more as what they still have to do - apart the indoor rides tests that of course we can't see on these pictures - will be done for sure in the next five months. As for the vegetation there are plenty of trees already in place all along the resort roads and Wishing Star lake, as well as grass and bushes in Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel garden, and in the park plenty of trees are already there. But five months to plant more trees and flowers is more than they need so, personally, i'm pretty confident that they will be ready on June 16. Probably there will be some rides technical issues, as usual, but that's inevitable and the only thing we can do is to cross our fingers they'll be able to resolve them for opening day. Oh, and one more thing: let's also cross our fingers that the sun will rise on June 16 on clear blue sky!

Let's now have a look at the pictures, shall we? And the two first pictures above and below show of course SDL Enchanted Storybook Castle. Note on its right the Alice in Wonderland Maze and, behind, the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto ride, for both vegetation is already there. We can see trees, too, on the hills of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride as well as in the back of Fantasyland near the limit with the backstage area, precisely to hide the backstage buildings. Sure, it don't seem there is a lot of vegetation yet in the Gardens of Imagination, but, again, it will come soon and they don't need years to put it.

The drone then fly over Tomorrowland providing a great view of this land almost completed. Not too much vegetation here too, but trees are in place behind the Jet Packs ride near the backstage road, and i think there will be mainly grass at the land entrance, so no big problem too to be on time.

A closer view over the TRON Lightcycles Power Run dome, showing a structure still in construction between  the dome and the show building. Yes, it's still a big mess down there and pathways pavement still has to be done, but it should be fine in five months.

The next drone picture shows Disney Town in the center, the park entrance on the right, the World of Disney store in the foreground - it's the one with the big green dome - and the buses and taxis parking lot on the left. Here, the pavement is finished, trees are mostly in place and it's probably the part which is the closer to be totally completed.

Another shot over Disney Town with the park entrance on the right. See the trees at the entrance before the turnstiles?

Next shot shows the buses and taxis parking lot. I know that's not the part which interest you the most but you're wrong. If you come to Shanghaî when you'll arrive at Shanghaî Pudong Airport, located just a few kilometers from the park, chances are that you'll take a cab, so it's always good to know where the taxi driver will leave you when you'll arrive to SDL.

The two next shots bring also good news as they show the five stars Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel and we can see the progress of the vegetation on the side of the lake. I wouldn't say it's 100% ready but they surely don't need more than five months to finish what remains to be done.

This next aerial shot shows Wishing Star lake, Spice Alley restaurants in the middle and Disney Town in the background, on the right. Also note in the background the trees already in place on both sides of the main road as well as grass near Spice Alley.

The two next aerial pictures coming from a different Chinese article, this first one below showing Tomorrowland, the Toy Story Hotel behind and the buses and taxis parking lot on the left.

And this next shot shows the Toy Story Hotel with its own parking lot on the left and backstage construction houses above. Not sure these will be removed before opening day...

We're not done yet as here is a third series of drone pictures, screen captures enhanced by me of a new drone video shot January 11, so less than one week ago, and that you can see on Youku HERE - if you succeed to open the page as it hasn't been easy for me to watch it. As usual, definitely enlarge each pictures.

The video starts over the Shanghaî Disneyland hotel and provide fantastic wide angle views on the hotel, the lake, and then Disney Town and the park in the background. On the way, note all the trees already in place on the roads and around the lake.

A turn of the drone camera on the right reveal the SDL train station near the lake.

Let's move toward the park entrance, shall we?

Below and above, Disney Town, the parking lot for buses and taxis and Tomorrowland on the right in the background.

We'll end with this great shot showing Adventure Isle and Treasure Cove in the background, the drone didn't went further over he park , probably because it started to be out of range.

I've got more Shanghaî Disneyland awesomeness for you coming later this week, so stay tuned on Disney and more!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news and pictures! Thank you! Cant wait for final pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love how grand and spacious everything is. It's going to be a GREAT park.

Unknown said...

Here's hoping the building, under construction, between the Tron canopy and ride building, is Flynn's Arcade. Also hoping for a mini elecTRONica off to the right of the Tron ride.