Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Shanghaî Disneyland Rendering Reveal SDL Future Hotels

As usual i have a Shanghaî Disneyland article for you for the week-end and this one is about Shanghaî Disneyland future! A new rendering showing "Wishing Star Lake" - i.e SDL lake - has been released recently and this one is particularly interesting by what it shows.

As you know, so far, at its opening, Shanghaî Disneyland will have two hotels only, the five stars Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel and the Budget Toy Story Hotel. Only the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel will be near the lake, the Toy Story Hotel being located more or less behind SDL Tomorrowland, outside the park.

Now, what we can see if we have a closer look at this new artwork is that many more hotels are envisioned to be built neat the Wishing Star Lake. Actually, right on the left of the current Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel - which is on the right - another one with the same shape is supposed to come, and it may be another wing of the same hotel. 

Also at least one more is located at the left of this second hotel / wing, and all of them will be facing the park which si on the other side of the lake, so not visible on this rendering. And behind, on the other side of the road, others buildings can be seen in the background, though it's not possible yet to be sure at 100% that these will be hotel too - but they could be.

That's it for the SDL post of the week-end, and do not miss the next D&M article also about Shanghaî Disneyland as i have something great for you!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that so far I'm a little underwhelmed by the hotels - I can understand the need for a budget hotel, but a Toy Story hotel doesn't really appeal, and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel looks a little bland. It looks like a perfectly nice 5* hotel but not a top-end Disney hotel. Compared to something like the Grand Floridian, or even the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel, it just looks a bit ordinary. I hope that future hotels are more themed like most of the ones at WDW.