Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Star Wars Land Rendering

A new Star Wars Land rendering was shown during the Summer Awakens Media Event, and it's the great Greg Pro who did it for WDI. As you can see the pillars of stone partly covered with vegetation don't look the same at all as in the first rendering - see below. May be the "Big Thunder Mountain" new look is to avoid a visual intrusion that wouldn’t fit with Disneyland Frontierland nearby if they realized there was no way they could hide these pillars of stone "from another planet".

Note however that there is less difference with this other visual of the land shown during the Star Wars Land segment in the ABC Special recently.

A closer look at the artwork shows that all the previous announced elements like the Millenium Falcon ( center ), the platform with Storm Troopers ( right ) and the market are still there.

Pictures: copyright Disney


rafael said...

Maybe this new look for the rock work is only for the Hollywood Studios. The darker rock with vegetation might look too similar to Pandora's rock worlk. Therefore the change to this new look. If they keep this Big Thunder style for Anaheim, it might be too similar to Cars Land.

Unknown said...

This is Hollywood Studios, the entrance to the land on the far right appears in the new toy story land rendering on the far left