Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Wishing Star Park

There is a part of Shanghaî Disneyland that we didn't talked about until now, and it's the "Wishing Star Park". Yes, "park", and not "lake". The lake is called "Wishing Star Lake" but there is too a "Wishing Star Park", which by the way include officially also the lake. And they did it right as the lake don't look too much like a "man-made" lake as it does at DLP, for instance. They've obviously tried to preserve an ecological harmony and so far it seems that they've succeeded. Thanks to great pictures posted on Instagram by guajj001 or on Facebook by Jonathan Reuel we have a better idea of what this Wishing Star Park really is and how it look like. The first pictures below were posted by guajj001.

The official description for the Wishing Star Park says: "A Perfect Place to Embrace Nature: Unwind amid peaceful scenery and lush greenery as heavenly sights and sounds abound all around you. Located along the shoreline of a beautiful lake, Wishing Star Park is calling—offering Guests from Shanghai and the world abroad a chance to indulge in the splendor of nature. Here, along a 2.5-kilometer walk, you can relax the body and mind while immersing your senses in the atmosphere of a breathtaking wetland.
The next pictures below were posted on Facebook by Jonathan Reuel .

Whether you explore the park’s woodlands, gaze upon a garden combining both Chinese and Western rose natives and cultivars, or marvel at a colorful space called home by a mix of tile birds and butterflies, you’re sure to find a setting which will bring your inner child to life—as only the magic of Disney can!

The Wishing Star Park also include the "Dragonfly Playground" where "your little ones loose in a space where their imaginations can wander freely into a world of wonders. Featuring colorful playgrounds and fun-filled activities designed especially for children with adventurous hearts and growing minds, Dragonfly Playground offers lighthearted leisure experiences that the whole family is welcome to enjoy!"

Also part of the park, the "Starlight Amphitheater", place to "watch the night sky unfold as Disney inspires your imagination and spurs your creativity in a lovely setting. With nearly 900 seats available, Starlight Amphitheater provides a natural ambience for almost any special event."

I think Disney has been smart to create this park. It seems to be a cool place to come during the week-end and relax even if you don't go - or for people who can't afford it - in the park. Chinese love gardens, everyone knows this and in a few months or years when the vegetation will have grown up, it will look even better!

Pictures: copyright Jonathan Reuel or guajj001


Max iGeek said...

that looks like a great way to spend an hour, either before you hit up the park, or after you leave the park.

The Shanghai resort seems to be much better equipped out of the gate than Hong Kong was

Anonymous said...

Wonderful design. It really looks like a REAL lake!