Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New 19 Minutes Drone Video Over Shanghaî Disneyland

We've got a great new SDL video showing Shanghaî Disneyland from above and also from the ground. It comes from Youtuber esperal L and as you'll see, at three weeks from SDL official opening, drones don't hide themselves anymore and fly at sunrise or sunset over the park as this Chinese video was shot during daytime with not too many people in the park but plenty in Disneytown nearby or around. It's also one of the best we've got so far, and could even have been THE best one if the editing didn't included some bad transitions shot effects. Anyway, enjoy the flight!

Bonus with these night shots of Shanghaî Disneyland showing Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, Peter Pan's Flight, Alice in Wonderland Maze...

...and TRON Lightcycles Power Run canopy - yes, its night lighting can change colors!

See you soon for a new D&M update!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later somebody will get badly injured by on of those f...ing drones. People who use them are just idiots with dangerous toys - did the recent collision with an airplane not teach them anything?