Wednesday, May 25, 2016

THREE New and Better HD Video of Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean : Battle for the Sunken Treasure Ride ...and How They Did the Ride Special Effects!

Three new very well filmed HD videos of the FULL Pirates of the Caribbean : Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride were uploaded on Youtube, and these new videos are MUCH BETTER than the first one we saw, which was already very good. On this first new one, from Theme Park University, you'll see more clearly the decors, especially the underwater sequence! Theme Park University has also posted pics of the queue decor, and more, that you can see HERE

The next video is in two parts and was filmed by Matthew Eberle. In this other excellent footage you'll see some of the scenes even better and the video starts from the ride entrance, i.e for the first time you'll see all the queue decor, up to the boarding room!

And one more for the road with this next video filmed by Chrysalis Travel, in which some visual effects can be seen better, especially the two "ghosts" pirates in the underwater sequence and Davy Jones on his boat in the final battle.

And now, if you're still wondering how they did all the ride effects KingRCT3 did a video with the Matthew Finnemore footage to explain them to you!

Video: copyright Theme Park University, Matthew Eberle, Chrysalis Travel, KingRCT3


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out the skeleton changing to Jack Sparrow effect in the second video - the skeleton doesn't move, and there are lightning effects behind, and magical effects projected on Jack, but the skeleton image is either a Pepper's Ghost effect or projection.

I would say it looks like Pepper's Ghost, but can't say for sure, because I would have to see the layout of the staging area to see if there's a glass pane and a space where the Pepper's Ghost figure could stand. The skeleton fading away looks like a Pepper's Ghost effect. The lightning and magic projections divert your attention and enhance the effect.

I don't think the skeleton is a projection, because it doesn't seem to conform to the shape of Jack, a projection would reveal the shape that it's projected on, like the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion. Whatever they did, it's an awesome effect.

Also, it's interesting to see the water line - in the ship battle scene, the screen goes right down to the water line, so either the water touches the screen, or the water drops off like an infinity swimming pool.

This may be the greatest dark ride ever. Too bad we'll probably never see this in the states, the only possibility is if they replace POTC in Disney World, they'll never replace Disneyland's because that's the one that Walt built. Maybe they can put it in a third park in Anaheim and not call it POTC, maybe call it 'Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow'.

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, the skeleton is a Pepper ghost effect perfectly placed ( the reflected image ) upon the Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronic which is kept in darkness until the pixie dust effect appear over the skeleton in Pepper ghost effect ( ndr: a pepper Ghost effect is the reflect of anything placed under, or beside the "stage" ). So, the skeleton appear, but it's just a reflect, and when it disappear the light is made on the Jack Sparrow AA and the background decor. The trick works perfectly because the image of the skeleton is perfectly aligned over the Jack Sparrow AA who also stands with its arms and body in the same position than the skeleton, so the light of the skeleton reflect is hiding the Sparrow AA. And by the way, for once the reflect of the Pepper ghost effect is not done in a glass but apparently on some very large piece of transparent plastic with the edges hidden by the ropes of the boat.

Jaber Alsabah said...

thank you Alain. you're posts are detailed and up-to-date, i'm so glad you're still running this amazing blog

Thorsten said...

I have said this before: THIS IS AMAZING!!!

How I wish do ride this one but I guess it will never ever been build in Disneyland Paris or in the US.

Disney did it again!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's a very elaborate attraction, but I must say that I like the original Pirates version better, because I'm not a big fan of screens in attractions and the only Disney Pirates movie that I liked was the first one.

Anyway, it's nice that they did something new and still used many AA's and "real" props/decor, and I also liked that they did a restaurant just like in CA and in France.

But for me the original pirates is something that makes sense, and it made even more sense before they changed it to include the movie characters; it is even kind of a historical attraction, in which the Pirates invade a Spanish fort town in the Caribbean and do things that real Pirates used to do in those situations, of course with a Disney touch and in a cartoony way, and it depicts some of the Pirates curses/ mythology in the beginning, besides of having a strong Disney 1960's charm.

This new Chinese version, on the other hand, is just a big budget nonsense, full of impressive effects, but without charm and it won't remain relevant for as long as the original version, but that's just my opinion.