Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fascinating 1983 Japanese Documentary About Steven Spielberg

Here is a fascinating documentary which is definitely not-to-be-missed! This rare one hour long Japanese documentary is all about director Steven Spielberg, It
gives us a look at Spielberg’s in 1983, when he was still young his directing career, and it was filmed after Spielberg made Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. At that time Steven was working on his segment for The Twilight Zone Movie.

But what makes this documentary really incredible is that Spielberg allowed the Japanese crew to tour his homes, offices, and they were even allowed on the set of The Twilight Zone! At that time Spielberg was not married yet with Kaye Capshaw and didn't have children and the documentary also gives you a look at a personal, more candid side of Spielberg that we've never seen before. Others people close to Spielberg or working with him are also filmed, starting by his mother, Robert Zemeckis and John Milius who wrote the script for "1941", Melissa Mathison who wrote "E.T", John Williams and Sid Sheinberg without whom Spielberg may have never start his director career. It’s an incredibly intimate look at the legendary filmmaker, so don't miss this!

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