Sunday, August 7, 2016

Will This Rare Ward Kimball Mickey Tour Ride Concept Replace The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios ?

We heard recently that the Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios might be replaced by something supposedly called "The Great Mickey Ride, and here is something to don't miss as Kingdom of Memories found back a Mickey ride concept developed a long time ago by Disney animator and imagineer Ward Kimball between 1979 and then again in 1983 at the request of Marty Sklar. Will this be the inspiration for this upcoming Mickey ride at WDW DHS, i won't bet on it but it worth to have a look at these old renderings HERE.

Editing: IMPORTANT NOTE: I've just been told that all these renderings were done in fact by imagineer Tim Kirk, brother of Imagineer Steve Kirk ( who was the lead designer of Tokyo Disney Sea ) who was working with Ward Kimball at that time on this ride concept. The only one apparently from Ward Kimball is the one showing the ride vehicle.

Now, these Ward Kimball renderings of a Mickey ride concept were coming from an item that went up for auction last year on eBay, "a set of drawings purchased from famed animator Ward Kimball's estate of sketches for a never-realized attraction for the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland that gives a whimsical behind-the-scenes tour of the cartoon-making process."  The good news for those interested by this historical piece and willing to spend $2500  is that the whole thing is back on eBay auction that you can see HERE.

Pictures: copyright Disney

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Brandon said...

This is whimsical but I'm one of those die hard GMR Fans!!! I would miss it!