Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Update : Iron Man Experience Stark Expo Shop Opens !

The awaited Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience attraction is not open yet but the Stark Expo shop is and i have the feeling that soft-openings for the ride itself should start in a few weeks or so. Today we'll have a closer look to the Stark Expo shop thanks to pictures released here and there on internet - special thanks to This is Mr B Facebook page - as well as videos showing the new shop.

One of the first thing that HKDL guests will see when they arrive is the sign below indicating where is what. As you'll see there is different "halls" indicated for the Iron Man Experience. Is it separate experiences or different halls part of the pre-show queue, this is what we will discover soon.

The Iron Man Experience entrance is, as you've guessed, at the end of the path between the merchandise shop and the Buzz Lightyear show building.

By the way, the Buzz Lightyear rotunda on the right and some of the column in the background have been repainted to have a better colors transition with the Iron Man Experience building now on its left.

Before entering "Iron Man Experience" itself guests will be able to discover another hall on the left  called "Iron Man Tech Showcase" and as you'll see on the visuals below it will most probably include the display of all the different Iron Man armors.

Now, let's talk about the shop itself which, again, is now open for all HKDL guests.

Right over the entrance there is a giant screen and you can see the footage on the video below posted
by Main Street Gazette.

No need to say that inside the Stark Expo shop you'll find plenty of items related not only to Iron Man but also to Marvel super-heroes.

I'm sure you'd like to have a walk-through inside the shop and here is the video of it also filmed by Main Street Gazette.

But the shop includes more than merchandise items as you'll find in it a "Become Iron Man" interactive experience similar to the one we've seen before - where a guest must follow what appear on the screen - with the addition of new footage.

The first video below filmed by Main Street Gazette shows what appears on the screen only...

...and the two next ones shows guests facing the screen trying to match what is happening on the screen in front of them. Videos filmed by Main Street Gazette and Kyo LEE.

We also have some cool night shots, the first one shows the shop entrance at night...

...and the second was taken with the camera placed between the Buzz lightyear rotunda and the Stark Expo shop on the right.

Stay tuned on Disney and more as i will let you know as soon as soft-opening have started for HKDL Iron Man Experience!

Pictures: copyright This is Mr B and others

Videos: copyright Main Street Gazette, Kyo LEE


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Any idea of when we can expect soft opening?

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Any idea of when we can expect soft opening?

Tom said...

Finally!!! When I was there, 3 years ago, they started building, I can not believe they still haven't opened it...
But at last, the show is open, that's something.

It looks good to me, glad they repainted the Buzz rotunda, as they should do with the other parts of Buzz' building.

Can not wait for the attraction to open and to read about how people like that one!

Alain Littaye said...

Let's say that i wouldn't be surprised if soft opening were starting end of November.