Sunday, March 26, 2017

Disneyland Paris Celebrates its 25th Anniversary! Full HD Videos Report: Disney Stars on Parade, Castle Stage Shows, Press Event Night Show - Including New Disney Illuminations Nighttime Spectacular Projection Show !

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Press Event happened yesterday. You were not there? No problem as D&M has plenty of videos for you to show you what happened thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster as well as DLP official video and pictures and more pictures from Robert Stallard, faithful D&M reader!

Disneyland Paris has been very lucky for the weather during the press event day as it was cloudy and grey all week and on Saturday the sky was blue and sunny over the resort!

Walt Disney Parks and Resort Chairman Bob Chapek and Disneyland Resort Paris President Catherine Powell launched the 25th Anniversary ceremonies in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle with a look back at the history of the resort; the honor that it has had upholding Walt Disney’s legacy of making dreams come true for guests around the world – with a nod to making more dreams in the future.

“Since it opened its gates in 1992, Disneyland Paris has been a place where the young and young at heart can step into the worlds of their favorite stories, meet beloved characters, and become part of the magic in a way that only happens at a Disney Park,” Chapek said. “And we’ve got even more magic in store for our 25th anniversary.”

Powell also talked about the legacy she feels as the resort’s leader.

“We are proud to bring Walt’s heritage to life in the heart of Europe, to have made strong ties with Paris and France and to have made our guests dreams come true for more than a quarter of a century,” said Catherine Powell, President of Euro Disney S.A.S., “Now, more than ever before, Disneyland Paris is looking to the future, and continuing to exceed our Guests’ expectations.

The ceremony ended with a dazzling finale of fireworks led by Tinker Bell herself and a host of Disneyland Paris cast members and favorite Disney characters.

DLP released a video of the 25th Anniversary celebration and of the press event, here they are!

Among the VIP guests was actress Teri Hatcher - from "Desperate Housewives" who came with her father and was discovering the park for the first time!

Max has some great HD videos for us, and let's start by one filmed a day earlier and showing the 25th decorations.

Next here is what, according to Max, is the best, i.e the new 25th Anniversary "Disney Stars on Parade" with an editing including the filming on two different locations! Don't miss the awesome steampunk dragon!

DLP also released an official video of the parade, here it is!

There is also two different shows on the castle stage, mainly for young children, and the first video below shows the Starlit Princess Waltz show.

And here is DLP official video of the Princess Waltz show.

The second video below shows the Mickey Presents: Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris show.

Here is DLP official video of the Happy Anniversary show.

This week-end was also the official reopening of Star Tours and Max has new videos for us showing the inside of the new ( and great ) Star Traders shop at the exit of the ride and the meet and greet with Darth Vader in the "StarPort", formerly the Star Traders shop.



Soon it will be time for the new Disney Illuminations show but for now it's sunset time over the park!

DLP had the kindness to filmed the full night show which happened yesterday evening during the press event, and uploaded the official video on Youtube!

The video includes a short concert of John Legend followed by the new and highly awaited Disney Illuminations nighttime spectacular projection show - which starts at 23 min in the video for those of you who want to jump right to it. Make sure to watch it in HD and full screen mode!

On their way out DLP guests can see the new 25th Anniversary decors in the Main Street windows.

From the top of Main  Street Station Mickey was there, saying goodbye to the visitors!

More report on DLP 25th Anniversary will come soon, in the meantime as Disneyland Paris launched its 25th Anniversary this week-end - though DLP "real" 25th Anniversary date is on April 12 - and as it's also the 10th Anniversary of Disney and more, to celebrate both DLP 25th and D&M 10th i launch today the "DLP 25th and D&M 10th Anniversaries Special Offer for the Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book ( De L'Esquisse à la Création en français ) and it's a chance for you to get this gorgeous 320 pages book at the best price ever!

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Pictures and video: copyright Disney, DLPWelcome


Thorsten said...

Oh my God....Disney Illuminations is perfect...its awesome.

I´ve cried watching it at my PC. What will happen when I watch it live.

Great job Disney!

Anonymous said...

It's true that Disney Dreams was a masterpiece hard to top.

But this... What a disgrace !
Half of it is just commercial from the various external Disney franchises.
No story, lackluster animation, failed transitions...
This doesn't try to make the castle alive, it just use it as a screen.

I understand it's mostly the show from Shangai ?
Cut & past don't work. Not the right castle & not the right audience.

That said anybody who haven't seen Disney Dreams and fall for cheap tricks (and a couple nice fireworks) might find this entertaining.
But don't be fooled : it's just show of. Not Disney Magic IMHO.