Friday, March 31, 2017

Tom Scherman's Nautilus Submarine Apartment

Tom Scherman was the ultimate Nautilus specialist - it is thanks to him that we have a Nautilus at Disneyland Paris - and thanks to Rowland Scherman and Dave Scherman - Tom Scherman's brothers - you will discover a very rare document, Tom's scrap book that he did when he created a Nautilus decor in his Los Angeles apartment in 1966. Only one copy of this book exists, the one that Tom did to keep pictures of the whole transformation from the renderings to the final result.

From the cover to the last page of this fantastic document, each page of Tom's book is here. And I also did scans of each page most interesting pictures. You must click on each picture to see them in big size as Tom himself details each step of this amazing creation.

Pictures: copyright Tom Scherman & Rowland Scherman. No reproduction of these pictures is allowed and they can't be posted on other web sites without prior authorization.

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Thorsten said...

Thanks so much for this very rare item.

The Nautilus is one of my favourite part at DLP and I like the atmosphere inside so much.

He was a genius!