Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nemo and Friends Searider Attraction Open at Tokyo Disney Sea - Pictures, Ride Videos !

At Tokyo Disney Sea the new Nemo and Friends Searider attraction - replacing the Stormrider ride which played since TDS opening day - had its press event recently and we have great videos showing the new attraction!

The former Stormrider steampunk pre-show decor no longer exist and has been replaced by a pre-show decor looking more like a "Marine Institute", with in the middle a big Searider submarine.

The simulator itself has been redesigned with five smaller screens on the top left and right sides, allowing, i addition to the main screen, to see what's happening "underwater". On the ceiling, "moving" lights add to this underwater feeling. all this is very good.

Let's have a look at video snow and we'll start by two Nemo & Friends Searider commercials released by TDR.

And here is a short one with Pixar' John Lasseter inviting to come to TDS to enjoy Nemo & Friends Searider.

These next videos were posted by JIJIPRESS and the first one will show you part of the ride, but not the full ride.

The second one will show you the pre-show area, more of the ride and some shots inside Turtle Talk with Crush inside the S.S Columbia.

And  JIJIPRESS also has posted this great 360° video of the ride. This one, filmed during the press event, will show you even more of the ride but still not the full ride. However considering the additional screens on the left and right of the simulator this 360° video allows to see what's happening on these during the ride. As usual, 360° videos don't work on Safari, you need to watch it using Chrome or Firefox!

And for merchandise fans ere is a look at the Nemo and Friends Searider items!

Although we haven't seen yet the full ride movie the feeling is - confirmed by first reviews - that Nemo and Friends Searider is a cute addition which, although less thrilling than Stormrider, is obviously targeting the young TDS guests, which most probably will love it. Count on me to post here a full ride video when available, probably anytime soon!

Videos: copyright Tokyo Disney Resort, JIJIPRESS

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EdGE said...

Was able to ride this during previous last week.

I found it to be quite smooth and pleasant. Much better than most simulator rides. I appreciated that it wasn't in 3D so less motion-sickness.

It lacked the oomph of Storm Rider, but the video quality was gorgeous, so I didn't mind so much. There were still some real effects, namely some water - no big surprise there.

I can't comment too much on the voices since it was my first time to hear the characters in Japanese, but it's easy to follow even without Japanese. The sequence I saw involved the rays, and they had this rousing song, which I wish I could appreciate more.

It wasn't all good yet since at the end of the ride the video stopped, but thankfully it was as the vehicle was "returning" to the Marine Life Institute.