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TEN LAST Copies of Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality French "Gold" Collector Edition !!!

Folks, i’m sorry to say that my Disneyland Paris book, in its FRENCH COLLECTOR EDITION in “brand new” condition is virtually out of stock, and the special offer on the French edition ( only ) has ended. This french Collector edition will not be reprinted as it was a limited edition. There is only ten copies of this french collector edition and each copy are now at 175€ + 22€ of shipping . You can pay in two times if you wish and of course you'll get the two great surprise gifts that were given with the special offer. The ENGLISH edition of the book still enjoy a special offer at 60€ but this won’t last long, too, probably. Those who can’t afford the 175€ price of the French Collector edition can write to me at: and i’ll see if i can find some copies which would be slightly damaged on the cover but perfect inside, and if this is the case, the price will be of course much less. In all cases, fro the French or English editions payment can be sent by Paypal at: and also send me your order with the shipping address at the same email address.

Version Francaise: Je suis navré de vous informer que le livre Disneyland Paris, dans son EDITION COLLECTOR FRANCAISE en “état neuf sous film" est pratiquement épuisé, et l'offre spéciale est donc terminée pour cette édition Collector qui ne sera pas réimprimée car c’était un tirage limité. Il ne reste que dix exemplaires de cette édition collector française et chaque exemplaire est maintenant au prix de 175 € + 22 € de frais d'envois. Un paiement en deux fois est possible et bien évidemment vous aurez également les deux cadeaux surprises offert durant l'offre spéciale. L'édition anglaise bénéficie, elle, toujours d'une offre spéciale à 60 €, mais cela ne durera pas longtemps probablement. Ceux qui ne peuvent pas se permettre le prix de 175 € pour l'édition collector française peuvent m'écrire à: et je verrais si je peux trouver des exemplaires qui sont légèrement endommagées sur la couverture mais parfait à l'intérieur, et si tel est le cas, le prix sera évidemment bien moins élevé. Dans tous les cas, pour les éditions française ou anglaise, le paiement peut être envoyé par Paypal à l'adresse: et envoyez-moi également votre commande avec l'adresse de livraison à la même adresse email.

The 25th Ann Special Offer is still valid for the English updated edition ONLY and the English edition is at 60€ / $65 ( instead of 85€ ) and shipping worldwide is 22€ ( $24 ).  Shipping takes 3-4 days for France, 10-15 days to European countries, 2 to 3 weeks for countries outside Europe. Sorry for what may seem a high shipping cost but the package with the book is heavy ( 2,5 Kgs ) and the French post office also increased its prices. We also ship the books in the best box you've ever seen for a book to make sure they arrive in good condition, and this has a cost.

Usually the Special Offer includes a great additional surprise gift, but because we celebrate two anniversaries, this new special offer will include TWO great surprise gifts ( and believe me, you'll be VERY happy to get them! )!

Special note to buyers with a shipping address in Italy or Belgium : For shipments to Belgium or Italy, the shipping cost is 29 €.

To place your order please send an email to: Please let me know in your email if you want the english or french edition!

You can pay with Paypal by sending the full amount - including shipping - by Paypal to: or you can use the Paypal buttons below. ( make sure to choose the right button for the rich edition ). Thanks to confirm me by email or in your Paypal payment which edition you want ( english or french ). Also note that the Paypal button includes an additional discount for those who want to order 2 or 3 copies instead of one.

If you do NOT have a Paypal account you can pay by credit card, or bank transfer, just send me an email about it at: and i will let you know how to do.

Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book ENGLISH Edition

Livre Disneyland Paris De L'Esquisse à la Création Ed Francaise

Those of you who have never seen the book will find below a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book AND you can see more pictures on the book website HERE

Although you've probably heard about this beautiful book, many of you may have never seen a copy of it. So we've done a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book! The book includes 750 pictures of the park, including 250 gorgeous renderings of Walt Disney Imagineering and stunning pictures of the park seen from above. The book is so big that it took us seven and a half minutes to show you the full book, and that's without stopping turning each pages! So, if you want to have a closer look at a page don't hesitate to stop the video!

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