Sunday, May 21, 2017

Will the 2025 World Expo Be Build on DLP Third Theme Park Land ?

Here is something interesting: Val d'Europe - the location of Disneyland Paris - is one of the sites candidates to host the World Expo 2025. As you'll see on the concept art below, the World Expo installations will occupy temporarily - if  Val d'Europe is the winner among the six others sites candidates - the land where DLP 3rd theme park is supposed to be build!

This huge ball which would be the icon of the Expo - the "weenie" as they say at WDI - will certainly remind you the one of Epcot but this is where the comparison ends, although a World Expo generally talk about the future and its upcoming technologies, so may be it would be a way for DLP to have a kind of "temporary" Epcot!

At the heart of the global village the biggest earth globe ever created – with a scale of 1/100.000th of 127m in diameter – will encourage the visitors to journey the planet while discovering territories and cultures. Web users from all over the world will be able to supplement live the contents of every country. Therefore, populations from every continent will be able to connect to the World Expo, post data and share with the visitors the assets and singularities of their territories, their cultures, their innovations and their know-how. Inspired by Elisee Reclus’ 1900 project, this connected globe will immerse the visitor in a living immersive, interactive and totally unprecedented experience.

Around this globe, a village with an ever-changing architecture that reconnects with the values of hospitality will cover thirty acres. At the heart of this village every country will be treated equally and will dispose of 500 sq.m modules. These modules will be multi-purpose and evolving. They will be able to change, regroup and evolve to adapt to the high point of the Expo, events and needs of the visitors. These modules, before of their flexible use, will exhibit a less formal architecture that will be in service of its uses, with the attention focused on the contents, the cultures and geographical contexts.

Just as in a real village, streets, avenues and squares will allow to recreate a convivial atmosphere open to the world. Communal areas (auditoriums, screening rooms, reception halls etc..) will be at the disposal of the countries for specific events. Around the village, gardens will welcome the visitors and will spread out over twenty hectares. They will be both a contemporary interpretation of gardens “à la Française” but also various areas to welcome the public in a soothing atmosphere. They will be an “ecological machine” on the cutting edge of biodiversity, natural decontamination techniques and recycling water.

The renderings above and below are showing the inside of the ball and makes me think about some 1960's John Hench WDI artwork.

But all this will happen IF Paris win the organization of the 2025 World Expo and IF Val D'Europe is chosen for the Expo site , which makes indeed a lot of "IF". The winner for the site itself - Val D'Europe or another one - will be known before Summer 2017, so very soon, and you can read more about the project HERE. Also note that, as a World Expo is always temporary, if Val D'Europe was the site hosting the Expo it doesn't mean that there won't be a third theme park at DLP in the distant future, i.e not before 2030.

Pictures: copyright Sensual City Studio


K. Martinez said...

2030? I'll be dead by then. Ha!

Brandon said...

This would be a great addition to DLP. It would introduce so many people to the resort and create an amazing head start of infrastructure for a third gate park!

Karthika Shree said...

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