Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rare pictures and Video of the Zorro Show at Disneyland Paris Frontierland

In 1992-1993 at Disneyland Paris, guests could enjoy with pleasure a "Zorro" show on the rooftop of Frontierland buildings, more specifically on the roof of the Fuente del Oro restaurant.

This little swashbuckling show only lasted a few minutes each time, but the Zorro character was highly popular in France, so it was a real good idea, and, like it happen sometime unfortunately with good ideas, the Zorro show ended shortly after this series of photos were shot - in August 1993. It's very difficult to find pictures of this show, so i am happy to post today these rare documents.

As you can see, Zorro was fighting against soldiers - probably soldiers of the evil Monastorio commandante!

Of course, Zorro was victorious...

And before he left, he salute one last time the audience!

In addition with these rare pictures we also have a video of the show posted by Vault Disney, and here it is!

The good question is: Why DLP don't put back this show again, even if it's only during summer... Only three actors/ stunt men were involved in the show, so it's not a very expensive show to produce. The main reason probably is a "licensing" problem. Apparently a company named Zorro Productions Inc owns the rights of Zorro - see their web site here - and although Disney owns the rights of their Zorro TV series they don't necessarily owns the rights for this kind of theme park show, so perhaps DLP may have to take a license if they wanted to do the show again, meaning spend money for the license which they probably are not willing to do for such a small show.

And, talking about Zorro, i won't end without remembering the great Guy Williams who played Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro in the beloved Disney TV series and is now a "Disney Legend".

Guy Williams died May 7, 1989, so unfortunately he wasn't be here in person to receive his Disney Legend award at D23 in 2011, but for me he will always be the best "Zorro" i've ever seen on screen.

Video: copyright vaultdisneyreturns

Photos: copyright Daniel Rous

Guy Williams picture: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

As a nice reminder of this show, Zorro is still visible on the stage curtain of Lucky Nugget Saloon.

Valéran S. said...

Merci Merci Merci ! Je cherchais justement ce spectacle ! J'étais tombé sur une pub avec Zorro sur Main Street et du coup je voulais retrouver le show ! Encore merci !!!