Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Epcot World Showcase Denmark Pavilion Project You've Never Heard About, and more

Yesterday i've let you know about the Rolly Crump exhibition and auction happening April 28 at Van Eaton Galleries.

Among the items that will be in auction i've found some never-seen-before pictures showing a rare set of seven photos from the personal collection of Rolly Crump which document Crump's work on a model for the Denmark Pavilion "that never was" at EPCOT! This Pavilion would have been an exciting addition to EPCOT for 1995 with a recreated Tivoli Gardens, ferris wheel, carousel, and a LEGO themed boat ride. The folder in auction was assembled by Crump to contain his printed photos of the model which measure approximately 6.5"x10". The set is in very good condition and the folder has Crump's hand-written note "EPCOT LEGO" on the front.

A blueprint on vellum depicting Rolly Crump's "Master Plan" for EPCOT. This blueprint was created for use in Rolly's presentation for Disney's Vice Presidents during the development of EPCOT. The vellum blueprint is signed by Crump in ink and measures 24"x36".

Rolly Crump's original hand-colored "Site Plan" for EPCOT. Accomplished in marker and ink over a brownline copy, this artwork is labeled "EPCOT Site Plan" along the border and was created by Crump and his architect to be used in Crump's presentation for Disney's Vice Presidents.

A special booklet created to mark the Grand Opening of EPCOT Center on October 1, 1982. This booklet features a red and gold cover with a die-cut EPCOT logo, and contains 24 pages of photos and information on the pavilions and attractions.

A rare employee training packet from the Opening Year of EPCOT. This packet, titled "The Spirit of EPCOT Center", contains an unused training checklist and a pre-opening guide to EPCOT.
A concept art print featuring Imagineer Walt Peregoy's design for The Land Pavilion at EPCOT. This print is on 3-hole sturdy paper and is signed by Peregoy in pencil in the lower-right corner.

A set of 30 photos from the personal collection of Imagineer Rolly Crump, used by Rolly to document his work on The Life and Health Pavilion at EPCOT. Rolly worked extensively on the abandoned Life and Health Pavilion, and some of his ideas would later be implemented into the Wonders of Life Pavilion. This collection includes photos from the "Great Midway of Life", "Care of Self Carousel", and "Theater of the Mouth", among others.

A very rare WED File Copy print of concept art for the "Great Midway of Life" for EPCOT. Rolly Crump's designs for the Great Midway of Life were planned for a Health pavilion for the opening of EPCOT, but ended up influencing aspects of the Wonders of Life pavilion for 1989. This print depicts a carnival-style fun house, and is stamped on the back with a Disney copyright stamp and a WED File Copy stamp. The print comes from the personal collection of Rolly Crump and was framed by Rolly.

You can find the estimates for all of these lots on the auction page HERE. I remind you that the auction will happen at Van Eaton Galleries on April 28 and you can also order the great catalog HERE.

Pictures: copyright Rolly Crump



The EPCOT CENTER DENMARK World Showcase model was featured in the traveling exhibit THE ARCHITECTURE OF REASSURANCE that Walt Disney Imagineering created in 1998. The exhibit travelled thru major museums in the United States , Japan , Europe and Canada.

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It's too bad how they used the funhouse idea in Wonders of Life.