Sunday, May 13, 2018

All Aboard for "A Journey to Egypt" in Real "Indiana Jones" Locations !

Today's D&M article is not about theme parks but don't go away as you'll travel in Egypt to pure "Indiana Jones" locations - and with Hera, a beautiful Icelandic girl!

You may not know it but in a previous life i was a photographer working for photos agencies, and  travelling around the world for pictorial reports about, let's say, some great "Adventureland" locations. Egypt - the country of "the great childhood" as Sigmund Freud used to say - always has been one of my favorite and i've been in Egypt many times at a time it was perfectly safe, enjoying playing the Indiana Jones in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Now, i'm happy to announce that i will release a series of great eBooks with these photo reports and if you like Ancient Egypt and beautiful women, my first eBook titled " A Journey to Egypt", now on sale on Apple iBooks store or Amazon Kindle store, should be a feast for the eyes. You have more details and sample pictures below and you can see them even in bigger size on the eBook page HERE.

A Journey to Egypt is an elegant 200 pages pictorial book telling the voyage of Hera, a beautiful, intelligent and sensitive Icelandic girl, for a photo shooting in the land of Pharaohs. With stunning pictures of Ancient Egypt temples, and along with Hera, you’ll discover the beauty of Luxor and Karnak temples, the mysterious tombs of the Pharaohs in the legendary Valley of the kings, Ramesses II Ramesseum temple, Medinet Habu temple, Kalabsha and Philae temples in Aswan.

And then, embark for a cruise on the Nile river to discover the rarely seen Nubian temples and up to the legendary Abu Simbel temple, the greatest of them all!

When i did the photo report years ago Lara Croft Tomb Raider was the big thing and i asked Hera to have a Lara Croft look when we were on archeological sites.

Half of the pictures of "A Journey to Egypt" are with Hera, and the other half shows the Ancient Egypt locations without her.

A Journey to Egypt" also include gorgeous views of Luxor temples from above, shot from a hot-air balloon, like these of the legendary Valley of the Kings or Medinet Habu temple...

...You’ll discover also with Hera - "Hera", by the way, was the name of a Greek Goddess - two of Egypt most romantic hotels - the Old Winter Palace in Luxor and the Old Cataract in Aswan - which opened at the end of the 19th Century and are the last presence of a fascinating bygone era.

"A Journey to Egypt" is now available for those of you who have a Mac or an iPhone or iPad on the Apple iBooks store HERE at $9.99 or 9.49€ - which is a reasonable price for a 200 pages book - and on Amazon Kindle store HERE for those of you who don't have an Apple device. Amazon Kindle books can be read both on Apple, PC or Android devices. As you know, Disney and more currently needs your support, and buying "A Journey to Egypt" - a 200 pages book with almost as many pictures for a reasonable price - will be a great way to bring your support to D&M!
Hope you'll enjoy the book,Ancient Egypt, and Hera who is beautiful!

All Pictures: copyright Alain Littaye - No use of reproduction of the pictures is authorized without written agreement.

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