Saturday, May 19, 2018

So, Is DLP WDS Acclaimed "Mickey and the Magician Show Coming to WDW, Yes or No?

So, is DLP WDS acclaimed "Mickey and the Magician show coming to WDW, yes or no? In my yesterday's D&M article about DLP InsideEars event, i had put it in the title, but then someone said that it was a translation mistake and that it was not the case, so i deleted it.

Where is the truth? Here is what happened and where it all came from: during his presentation at the InsideEars event yesterday DLP Daniel Delcourt said exactly this ( below, transcript in French followed by the right English translation, and we have the tape for those who doubt ):

"Nous avons des produits qui nous sont enviés - aux Etats-Unis: Ratatouille, Mickey et le Magicien, ils nous ont demands “comment on pourrait l’importer aux Etats-Unis?”. Mickey et le Magicien, lorsque Georges Kalogridis - le Président de Disney World - est venu, il n’y a pas longtemps, , il a vu Mickey et le Magicien et il a dit “Mais moi je veux l’avoir à Disney World”… …Mickey et le Magicien va surement partir de l’autre coté ( à WDW ) et Ratatouille aussi."

English version:

"We have products that are envied - in the United States: Ratatouille, Mickey and the Magician, they asked us "how could we import it ( Ratatouille ) in the United States?”. Mickey and the Magician, when Georges Kalogridis - the President of Disney World - came not long ago, he saw Mickey and the Magician and he said "But I want to have it at Disney World"... ...Mickey and the Magician will probably go to other side ( of the Atlantic, at WDW) and Ratatouille too."

As you see, WDW President George kalogridis came at DLP and was enthusiastic by the Mickey and the Magician show and wanted to bring it at WD ( the one at the WDS will stay of course, they will duplicate it at WDW ). Does what Daniel Delcourt says mean that Mickey and the Magician will come for sure at 100% at WDW? No, but i'll say that you can reasonably put your bets on it.

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