Monday, June 25, 2018

The Incredibles 2 Short Review - And: Michael Giacchino's Tribute to John Barry's Goldfinger Score

So, i've seen in theatre this week-end The Incredibles 2 and i think i can say i quite liked it a lot. I'll give him, though, 4 stars and not five and the reason why is mostly because of the scenes with Mr Incredible who, for story reasons has to stay at home to take care of Jack Jack while Elastigirl do the job. The reasons are perfectly valid in the script, that's not the problem, but i thought that the repetitive situation didn't worked or still was funny after a while.

The script, though, is brilliantly written as usual by Brad Bird and action scenes perfectly edited so for a big part, i would say 90% The Incredibles 2 "works" really well, except for these 10% remaining with Mr Incredibles, but that's my opinion. The "new" super heroes are fun but my favorite sequence is not one of the action scenes - which are all very enjoyable - but a scene between Jack Jack and a raccoon during which we discover Jack Jack powers. The scene is incredibly, very purely cartoonish in the grand tradition, don't miss it!

Talking about don't miss it, don't arrive late as you don't want to miss the new Pixar short "Bao" which is really charming - there is no way to talk about it without spoilers so i let you discover it.

Back to The Incredibles 2 and about the score written by Michael Giacchino, always excellent. Since the first Incredibles Michael Giacchino has written a score which sounds like the ones of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movies, without of course copying them. He's enough talented to succeed but in this Incredibles 2 there is some music which instantly reminded me a short musical segment written by the great John Barry for James Bond Goldfinger movie.

In Goldfinger it's the first scene after the opening scene when action goes to Miami and an aerial shot introduce the famous Fontainebleau Hotel where Bond will see Goldfinger for the first time. Now, in Incredibles 2 the music you'll hear below was written for the scene when The Incredibles arrive and discover the new house where they're going to live. 

In both sequences, Goldfinger and The Incredibles 2 the score is written for a scene where spectators discover a new and luxury place and as you'll hear Michael Giacchino gives an obvious tribute to John Barry's Goldfinger score, without copying it.

Here is the Goldfinger scene, just listen to the great music of John Barry. 

And here is Michael Giacchino music for the Incredibles 2 scene, audio only.

Sounds familiar, huh? :-)

Video: copyright Disney - Pixar, MGM