Friday, June 29, 2018

WDW Disney Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land Open! Land Dedication and TSL Rides Videos

It's the big day for WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land as the land has its dedication this morning with Bob Chapek and Tim Allen, here is the video -, start at 5.45min as the dedication itself  doesn't start before.

The land include two rides, the big one being the Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster which last around 2 minutes.

Attractions Magazine has posted an excellent POV video of it and the queue theming is pretty impressive. The ride itself looks fun, make sure to watch it till the end to don't miss the Audio-Animatronic at the end of the ride! Here is the daylight version and you have the video in the night version HERE.

The other attraction of Toy Story land is the new Alien Swirling Saucers ride and i remind you that the attraction will be added to DLP WDS Toy Story Playland in the soon future.

As D&M reader Scott Queto said in a comment yesterday on the D&M Facebook page the entrance to TSL Alien Swirling Saucers ride "is a great reference to the Fisher Price Imaginext Pizza Planet Playlet" and yes it is indeed, see picture below.

Attractions Magazine has also filmed two videos of Alien Swirling Saucers, looks to me that the ride looks more magical with its night lighting. You have the night version video below and jump HERE to watch the daylight version of the ride and the entrance theming.

DHS guests will be able to access Toy Story Mania directly from Toy Story Land thanks to the new entrance, and the queue had its theming redesigned. Here is a video shot by Inside the Magic.

The land is full of theming details all around, and honestly i think that Imagineers did a good job on this new TSL version. The last video below is a full walk-through of Toy Story Land which was filmed with no guests in it as TSL was not open yet and the rides not active, but it's perfect to discover TSL theming.

Andy's Lunch Box is where TSL guests can find food and have some rest while they lunch, here is a video of it filmed by WEDWAY.

One more thing: Disney has confirmed that Green Army Women are coming to Toy Story Land, in addition to the Green Army Men! Tom Vazzana, show director for the Green Army Patrol said that "both men and women serve in our armed services every day and it was time to add women to the Green Army Patrol". And all of the Green Army Patrol characters that guests will encounter in the new Toy Story Land will be face characters, to give them more freedom to interact with guests.

The Beverly Sunset shop at Disney's Hollywood Studios is now selling all Toy Story Land merchandise items, here is a video tour showing all of them.

So, what do you think of this new Toy Story Land? Let us know in the comments!

Pictures: copyright Ryan Pastorino / Tribune Media

Video: copyright Attractions Magazine, Inside the Magic, WEDWAY

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