Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Best DLP News of the Week is Confirmed by Disneyland Paris : Cinemagique Attraction is Coming Back at WDS Theatre Anytime Soon

The rumor started today and we hadn't to wait too long to know if it was true as it was confirmed late afternoon by Disneyland Paris on Inside Ears: the beloved Cinemagique attraction will be back at DLP Walt Disney Studios Theatre, most probably this fall. It will be of course the same movie with hopefully the same in-theatre effects.

DLP did not give any details, just saying that “more information will be shared at a later stage” and  it’s still unclear at exactly what date the attraction will be back or for how long it will return, but it's good news anyway.

Of course this means that the Avengers United stunt show will stop playing in the same theatre but it was supposed to play only during the Summer of Marvel Super-Heroes, so it's logical that it stops. The show will probably be back next summer, with probably improved special effects - like the drones part - which needed it. It's not a bad stunt show but it needs improvements, and i'm sure that at DLP everyone is aware of it.

In the meantime the comeback of Cinemagique is "the best DLP news of the week" as it is an emotional movie, a bit dated yes, but still a great tribute to Cinema history and Martin Short and Julie Delpy are great in it. Don't miss it when it will be back if you visit DLP WDS at that time because you won't see Cinemagique in any other Disney theme park!

Picture: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

Yes, bring it back! By all means.