Friday, August 17, 2018

The Era of 8K Video Will Start in 2020 With Tokyo Olympic Games !

4K Video is now available in most digital cameras and mobile phones and now, thanks to an interview with Yosuke Yamane from Panasonic, we learn when 8K video will come on the market ( for everyone, not only for professionals ), and why. The answer to "when" is 2020 and to "why" is: the Olympic Games in Tokyo:

"Towards the year 2020, 4K will evolve to 8K. Panasonic has supported the Olympic Games for a long time and in 2020, when the games are in Tokyo, the era of 8K will start, and we will develop the hardware to develop the 8K picture."

"8K Photo will completely change the photo shooting style with 33MP resolution. Whether that’s a 4K crop from 8K or 2K cropping from 8K or it’s 33MP images on the stills side."

Great news, though when we see that one minute in 4K weight almost 1Gb, you'll better need to have a computer powerful enough to edit the huge 8K file which will weight even more.

 Full interview of Yosuke Yamane HERE.

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