Monday, September 17, 2018

Photos : Hong Kong Disneyland Devastated By Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Super Typhoon Mangkhut severely hit Hong Kong yesterday ( see previous post below ) with winds of 173 kilometers per hour (107 miles per hour) and gusts up to 223 kilometers per hour (138 miles per hour) and, as feared, it also hit Hong Kong Disneyland located on Lantau Island.

The park was closed yesterday and is still closed ( see below HKDL announcement on their website ). And there is a good reason why HKDL is always closed today as HKDL is devastated, specially the trees and vegetation but also some electrical poles which fell down, as you'll see on the pictures below. 

The pictures below shows mainly the long promenade which goes either from HKDL hotels to the park entrance or from the parking lot / train station to the park entrance. It is hard to recognize the promenade but in two days when fallen trees will be cut and all leaves and branches removed it should get back more or less to normal.  As for the park itself, according to HKDL message the park is closed "in the aftermath of severe typhoon Mangkhut which has caused tree falls and other damage". I will do another article when i'll find pictures showing inside the park.

In the meantime have a look at these pictures posted on Facebook by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette and Disney Magical Kingdom Blog so make sure to check their Facebook pages HERE and HERE 

This is the hard to recognize lovely promenade going from park entrance to HKDL hotels...

An electrical pole down near the park entrance...

More trees destroyed here and there, picture below near HKDL entrance, in the background left.


Lot of work for sure for HKDL gardeners and cast-members... Below, the part of the promenade going from the train station to park entrance and Mickey fountain.

Editing with new pictures shot by D&M faithful reader Diane Richmond, showing the damages in the area near HKDL hotels. The amount of fallen trees is unbelievable.

Next picture shows the entrance of the new Explorers Lodge hotel...

BREAKING: Hong Kong Disneyland just announced on its website that HKDL park will reopen tomorrow Sept 18. BUT with this note: "In the aftermath of severe typhoon Mangkhut, part of the park areas and facilities are suspended for repair. Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre ( D&M: located outside of the park ) is closed until further notice.”

In two words some HKDL lands - or part of the lands and attractions - may be closed tomorrow. For instance, i wouldn't be surprised if Jungle Cruise was closed ( just my guess ) or some of the "gardens" parts in Fantasyland. Both having a lot of vegetation which are supposed to be the ones which have suffered the most from the high winds of super typhoon Mangkhut which is now officially Hong Kong’s most intense storm since records began, with sustained winds of 250km/h.

The part TWO of this article showing pictures inside the park is now on line HERE.

Thanks again to Diane Richmond, Hong Kong Main Street Gazette and Disney Magical Kingdom Blog, make sure to check their Facebook pages HERE and HERE!

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