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D&M Exclusive Report : The Marvel Experience Thailand Is Now Open in Bangkok

A few weeks ago i could experience the brand new Marvel Experience Thailand which opened three and a half months ago in Bang Na area, Bangkok. I came late afternoon on a monsoon day so there was not a lot of people that rainy day which was perfect for the pictures that you'll see below.

The first and most important thing is this one: when the Marvel Experience was launched in the U.S in 2014, produced by Hero Ventures with a Marvel licence, it was designed as a touring attraction with the different areas being under giant inflatable domes. In Thailand, they've built a real huge building which is here to stay at least as long as the attraction will be popular and this has also allowed to do a pretty good theming inside as we will see.

A bit more introduction from the press release: Operated in Thailand by Hero Experience Co., Ltd, under a joint venture with Hero Ventures, it will be known as ‘The Marvel Experience Thailand’, or TMX Thailand, the first in South East Asia located at Megabangna and spanning over 20,000 square meters. ‘The Marvel Experience Thailand’ (TMX Thailand) is a groundbreaking ‘Themed- Entertainment Attraction’, providing a ‘Digital Hyper-Reality’ entertainment experience through state-of-the-art technologies and next-generation interactive elements. This includes a 4-D motion ride, original 3-D animated features, the 360-degree 4-D stereoscopic full-Dome projection theatre, and thanks to the augmented reality, multi-person gaming, you can see and feel yourself in action.

‘The Marvel Experience Thailand’ is divided into two main zones: The Reception Building and The Attraction Zone. The Reception Building includes the ticket office, Avengers Café, Super Hero Snack Bar, and the Marvel Adventure Zone for kids. The Marvel Experience Super Store hosts an extensive range of Marvel licensed products, including an exclusive selection of ‘The Marvel Experience Thailand’ merchandise. The Holding Zone Beta is the prepping area before the future agents head into battle in the Attraction Zone. This is the active zone where S.H.I.E.L.D agents young and old can join a full two-hour battle alongside the Marvel Heroes in a combination of Immersive Hyper Reality, state-of-the-art interactive and multimedia technology games, and augmented and virtual reality simulations. It’s an awe-inspiring experience, which also includes a 4-D Motion Ride, a 360-degree 4-D stereoscopic projection Dome as well as the chance to come face-to-face with Marvel heroes.

The Marvel Experience Thailand’ invites guests on an epic adventure, as Marvel’s iconic Super Heroes battle against the villains, who intend to wreak havoc in South East Asia starting first in Thailand. As a new recruit, guests get to join forces with their favorite Marvel Heroes on the mission to save the planet. Everything will happen with bleeding-edge technology and advanced computer animation. There’s nothing else like it."

Below the entrance lobby and ticket counter.

Floor theming of the entrance lobby really makes you feel you're entering in a S.H.I.E.L.D base.

It is also in the reception building where guests can find the Avengers Cafe and the Marvel Experience Super Store but we'll come back to these later.

Once you have your ticket entrance you're ready to move in the attractions zone and this is done going through a S.H.I.E.L.D themed hallway.

The Attraction Zone consists of: Jocasta Introduction: the area where S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits are shown the rules, regulations and etiquettes. Guests also see the Prequel Comic Wall, providing the backstory created for The Marvel Experience Thailand exclusively.

This area is also a pre-show movie - TMX LIVE : News Report: Where S.H.I.E.L.D. agents prepare for the mission ahead - and also has display of giant pictures on the wall to introduce to Thai audience the Marvel heroes and villains to make sure they know who is who. There is not much to say about this except that it is the usual pre-show. By the way, make sure to click on each picture to see them in big size!

Next room is Stark Mobile Lab: where the mission starts by a greeting from none other than Tony Stark. Another kind of pre-show but with a much more interesting theming with Iron Man armors and a 3D short movie.

Next area is the Mobile Command Center: it's where S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director Nick Fury provides a briefing on the coming mission to fight the villains. Good theming and 3D short movie here too.

And we finally arrive to the real first "attraction", the Holoblaster Shooting Gallery: it's the area where the Recruits start their training on a mission against the villains in 3D Multimedia Gaming and with the exclusive technology for The Marvel Experience Thailand, the total of up to 140 players can enjoy this area at the same time.

Now, think about a room that will remind you a bit the one of Alien Encounter but with a mix of a 3D shooting game movie that will remind you Toy Story Mania except that you're not in moving vehicles but standing. The theming and lighting is very good in my opinion, check the pictures below!

The next attraction of Marvel Experience is the Simularium 360° 3D: the area where guests can join your Marvel heroes on an important mission. This is a giant and pretty impressive dome with a 3D projection and because of the size of the characters you really feel more than ever that they are "super-heroes"!

Next room is Transport Corridor: the prepping area prior to boarding the Transport Shuttle, where the brand new simulators await you. As you'll see on the pre-show screens you'll fight Hydra and the Red Skull, one of my favorite Marvel villain.

On the picture below, the entrance to the 4D Motion Ride: in this theatre, guests join the combat on the Transport Shuttle in a 4D Motion Ride technology where they can enjoy a thrilling life-like experience.

A few months ago, Lance from Screamscape said that he had been told that the simulation platforms would be the latest models so i asked the question and he was right, they've been provided the simulation platforms with the latest technology. The good point is that it is a huge hemispheric screen that surrounds you, and not a small screen like in Star Tours. Still, it's a simulator ride like we have experienced before in others attractions, but it's well done and the theatre theming is great.

Once you exit the 4D motion ride you'll enter the post-show areas with, first, the "Training Center", the interactive gaming area where everyone can train like their favorite Marvel heroes thanks to augmented reality, and The Astral Plane: where visitors can meet other Marvel heroes who have not yet joined this particular mission.

There is more with the Secret “Meet & Greet”, an area where guests can rub shoulders with the iconic Marvel Heroes and take a photo home. Believe it or not but i've been told that this is the most favorite of young kids, which is not really surprising as they can meet their favorite super-hero in "real". There is four rooms an you enter in one, with the surprise of which super-hero will be inside as you don't know it before. The day i was there guests could meet Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America. I think Spiderman was the one missing.

One good idea on the way out is these villains that you're supposed to have defeat, now prisoners in containment from where they won't escape!

Another themed hallway take you back to the reception building where are the merchandise shop and the Avengers Cafe. After crossing the bridge back to the Reception Building, guests will receive their S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent ID Card to certify that they are part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team!

Let's start by the Avengers Cafe where giant murals pay tribute to Marvel super-heroes.

There is also a kids playground area nearby.

Hey, there is even themed rest-rooms near the Avengers Cafe!

We're not done yet as there is also a great Marvel Experience merchandise store.

Some items displayed are really cool like this big Tony Stark / Iron Man scene

The Marvel Experience Thailand is located in Bangkok Bang Na area, behind the huge shopping mall and the IKEA store. It's open daily from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. ( Last entry in attractions are: in English 7 p.m, Chinese 7.15 p.m, and Thai 7.30 p.m ). International Experience: Guests can choose their preferred entry time and languages with Thai, English and Chinese being available. 

Buying tickets on line: To save time guests are invited to visit www.TheMarvelExperienceThailand.com to purchase tickets in advance. As it is often the case in thailand for tourists attractions there is a price for Thais and a higher price for non-residents ( Adult: 1500THB - $46  / Child: 1350 THB - $43 ). Although i enjoyed the whole experience my opinion is that the right price - and i told them - is the 30% cheaper Thai price, that's what the Marvel Experience worth, in my opinion.

All pictures: copyright Disney and more - Alain Littaye

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