Friday, October 19, 2018

Matt Cyrus Fantastic EuroDisneyland Map Now Available on Etsy Store !

Last month i've introduced Matt Cyrus who did this fantastic Disneyland Paris "fantasy" map which not only include existing attractions but also others who "should" exist according to Matt, and he did a great job, really! Now, the good news is that Matt is pleased to announce that his Disneyland Paris park map poster is now available for purchase on his Etsy store HERE!

This s a high quality digital print (on "Rag White" paper with a 310 g/m² weight), perfect for a frame. It is available in three sizes: LARGE (80x60cms), MEDIUM (65x50cms), and REGULAR (50x40cms).

Click on the previous version of the map below to enlarge it and make sure to check everything on it as each number tells the title of the attractions added by Mark. Here is Matt presentation, from his Facebook page HERE:

"I've never had this much fun drawing! I'm bringing back its original park name, some cancelled attractions, as well as long rumored projects and some personal ideas. It is my own way of thanking the incredible people who designed this place for inspiring me to become an artist. Visiting the preview center “Espace EuroDisney” in 1991 was a life changing experience and I set to become a designer on that day. Then I spent most of my teenage years drawing countless maps and eagerly waiting for those attractions that never got built. If not just for the fun of it, this drawing is also meant to make up for the long wait: if they don't build it, I can draw it!"

Matt also posted on his Tumblr page some pictures of his work-in-progress...

The line only version of the map.

The final version... well as some zooms on each area of Matt's Disneyland Paris fantasy map. From top: Frontierland, Adventureland, Adventure Isle, Fantasyland, Discoveryland...

...and the new "Shadow land" added by Mark. By the way, "Shadowland" was an old rumor for WDW ( a concept for a fifth park ) so that's Mark take on it.

Again, big congrats to Matt for this great "fantasy" map and make sure to follow him on his Facebook page HERE.

Pictures: copyright Matt Cyrus Sachezchi

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