Friday, May 17, 2019

Tokyo DisneySea Released First Look Inside the New Soaring : Fantastic Flight Attraction !

Tokyo Disney Resort released two videos today, one providing a first look inside the new Soaring : Fantastic Flight attraction opening in July at Tokyo DisneySea, and the other being a promotional video for the new ride. The movie will be for the most the same than Soaring Over the World that we know at SDL, DCA or Epcot, but i think there is a new exclusive sequence.

As usual TDR got the best version of the attraction with a highly impressive theming for the buiding and the queue decor, and even a theming for the ride seats with a "wood" style as well as an extremely brilliant idea in the show room itself with a balcony giving the feeling that you'll fly over it for a trip around the world. Pure Imagineering genius.

Don't miss the videos below!

TDR also released pictures of merchandise and food items linked to the attraction.

This new version of Soaring looks like a fantastic addition to a park which is already considered as the best themed park on Earth and it will open in July!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Oriental Land

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