Saturday, November 16, 2019

"An History of Disneyland and Walt Disney World" Auction Include Dozens of Treasures for Disney Parks Fans - Note: Article Now Edited with Artworks in Better Definition !

The Van Eaton Galleries major auction of December will happen this year on Dec 7 and 8 and as usual there is some major pieces on sale in the auction titled "An History of Disneyland and Walt Disney World". We'll have a look at my favourite pieces, and you can have a look and order the auction catalog with details on each of the 1500 pieces (!) for $40 in its softcover version HERE.

We love artwork here at D&M so i suggest we have a look at the most interesting pieces, starting by the legendary Herb Ryman artwork for Disneyland above, done during a week-end with Walt on his side, and in its rare color version.

Next, is this never-seen-before blueline print of an artwork by Jim Michaelson, a proposal for Disneyland Paris Main Street arcade.

Always by Jim Michaelson, this other concept-art, also a concept for Disneyland Paris Main Street. well as this one showing DLP Main Street Station.

Always by Jim Michaelson, this other concept map print is a never-seen-before concept for Shanghaî Disneyland, was done in 2009 and feature the earliest ideas of how will look the park and attractions, with a giant Tower of the Four Winds in its center.

Let's move to an artwork from Harper Goff for Epcot The Land pavilion with this one below for the "Listen to the Land attraction.

The next artwork for Snow White Grotto is a Disney Gallery print signed by Imagineer john Hench.

More artwork with this set of signed Carousel of Progress prints, signed by Sam Mc Kim, Colin Campbell and John Hench.

Always for Disneyland this a rare concept-art by Imagineer John Stone done for the Disneyland Indiana Jones Lost River Expedition project when there was supposed to be, in addition of the jeep ride, also the ore car rollercoaster ride like the one at DLP, as well as Jungle Cruise boats and the Disneyland Railroad passing though the show building.

And what about this great original concept-art for the Peter Pan's Flight mural?

Yes, there is also in auction some original Haunted Mansion stretching portraits.

Fans of Mary Blair will be interested by tehse rare silkscreened test prints for artworks to be displayed in WDW Contemporary Resort.

If you love original plans this Walt Disney World master plan should be for you!

Attraction posters fans will fall for some very rare ones like the one for the U.S Bi-Centennial, or the People Mover Superspeed Tunnel...

...or this fun one for Disney's Animal Kingdom It's Tough to be a Bug attraction.

Also in auction this gorgeous model of the General Electric Progressland pavilion for the 1964 New York World's Fair.

Another stunning model is teh oen below of the final float of the 1991 Celebration USA parade with a giant arm and hand of the Statue of Liberty.

Even more rare, this molded latex Lincoln head for Great Moments with Mr Lincoln attraction.

n But the top of the top for a Disneyland fans are this pair of Audio-Animatronics birds from WDW Enchanted Tiki Room, and they work!

To see all the 1500 lots and order the auction catalog, jump to Van Eaton Galleries website HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the "Shanghai Disneyland" concept map is that this is Hot-Go Park in Fushun:

I'm pretty sure it's not a Disney rendering, especially with all the roller coasters. Thoughts?