Friday, November 15, 2019

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 Review ( No Spoilers )

Just watched the Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian, and personally I liked it a lot and even preferred it to the first one ( which i liked a lot ). Jon Favreau said that the series would be more faithful to the spirit of the the first Star Wars ( Episode 4, 1977 ) and this Chapter 2 is indeed even more "SW Episode 4", and with very few dialogues, even more refined than the first one ... but also even shorter - 30 min only!

I won't spoil the story to you, but what i can say is that the action of this Chapter 2 - titled "The Child" - happen on a dry planet where The Mandalorian will meet some famous Star Wars creatures, and more. It also does not have the flaws of the first chapter in which some actors playing second or third roles were sometime playing not perfectly well, though they didn't stay long on screen so it was not a huge problem. If you have access to Disney +, don't miss this Chapter 2! Also, like in the first chapter there is some great artworks during the end credits, you have two of them above, so don't miss them!

Artworks: copyright Lucasfilm

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