Monday, August 24, 2009

A closer look to the IPhone Toy Story Mania game - Demo video

Hello everybody, hope you had a great week-end. Today, we'll have a closer look to the new Toy Story Mania application for the IPhone, thanks to a home-made video.

If you don't own (yet) an IPhone don't go away as it is the first mobile phone application directly inspired by a Disney attraction! I must say that i have been pretty disappointed by the others previous app released by Disney for the IPhone, but this one is good. Its price on the App Store is $4.99 or 3.99€ if you buy it on a european Itunes Store.

Thanks to five different "midway" games and even some little pop-up effects, they succeed to keep the look if not the "spirit" of the DCA and DHS attraction.

Before you begin each game a little tutorial teels you what kind of gestures you have to do on the multi-touch IPhone screen, and it's different one for each game.

Here is the App description from the ITunes App Store where the game already have a 4 stars rating. Let's be clear: there is many games for the IPhone who are more sophisticated, but in this case it was not the point. The point was to do an App game that looks like the attraction...with the limits, of course, of the Iphone.

Personally i think they did a real good job, and it's time now to have a look at the first video below which will show you briefly the different games. Of course, colours and sounds are better in real.

This second video was not shoot by me but by "AppBankVideo" whom i thanks a lot for the embedding. The video quality is better but it will show you only two games.

Of course there is still the big Toy Story Mania video game yet to be released for the Wii, it'll be next month, and we will talk about it soon. In the meantime, if you own an IPhone, go ahead and download this nice little app, you should not be disappointed.

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Photos: copyright Disney

Youtube video: copyright AppBankVideo


mydisneycollection said...

My two big complaints with the Toy Story App (which I've played numerous times:
1) The audio needs a slider control vs on/off
2) Options don't stick after you close the App.

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