Tuesday, September 15, 2009

" New Generation Festival " will be Disneyland Paris Theme in 2010

Disneyland Paris released visuals showing what will be the next resort theme in 2010. It's called "New Generation Festival" and if you're wondering what "new" generation they're talking about, the characters on the pictures - Tiana, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Sully, Ratatouille, Lightning McQueen, etc... - should make it perfectly clear.

Also, it's interesting to note that Ratatouille have its own illustration as i remind you that the Ratatouille dark ride is supposed to be DLRP 20th anniversary attraction at WDS.

All pictures: copyright Disney


Matt Hunter Ross said...

Hmmm... it's great that DLP is adding all of this cool stuff, but the posters really aren't that great (to me, at least) - not that well designed, and kinda forgettable. Am I alone on this one?

Brian said...

Why no super plans for DLP, like the ones in the USA? They get a whole new Fantasyland which will be very expensive and California Adventure will be renewed for a huge amount of money as well.
Why not putting some more money in Paris, so we cat get finally Splash Mountain and put some more money in Studios, to make it a real attractionpark, without those empty spaces and lowbudget rides. Toystory playland is finally well a themed area, but doen't really add some nice rides, the rides, again, are kinda cheap.

Matt Hunter Ross said...


Check out this post by Mike over at Progress City...


Looks like they will be announcing updates soon for DLP, though, I'm sure Alain knows better than anyone here in the states.

Brian said...

"At a press conference afterwards, Vaughn kind of pwned me by shooting down my question about the Pixar attractions being built in Paris that weren’t mentioned in the presentation. Apparently they haven’t announced anything for Paris yet – despite the fact that construction pics of the project are everywhere online! I cut my losses and neglected to point that out."

How strange the guy doensn't want to answer the question. This is the event for spreading all news about Disneyland Parcs!

But you're right Matt Hunter Ross, the fact that they don't want to tell anything could either mean that there isn't that much news, or that they don't want to thell because it will be published later, hope very soon, with a big plan for a WDS-makeover!