Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alien Invasion at Hong Kong Disneyland as Halloween season began !

We were at HKDL with yesterday's article, and we are going to stay there today as HKDL Haunted Halloween began last night with the media and annual passholder preview and will end October 31st.

In Tomorrowland an alien spaceship has landed. After investigation, the “Alien Intelligence Agency” has reported that the spaceship is fraught with danger and signs of alien life forms. In the chilling interior of the spaceship, the Agents have uncovered secrets from outer space in its various dark chambers apparently used by the aliens for all kinds of sinister experiments.

The Agents have also discovered spacesuits which appear to indicate that the aliens were preparing to launch an attack. As the Agents ventured deeper into the crash site, a terrifying chamber was found containing the eggs of an unknown alien species ready to hatch at any minute. The search of the spaceship ended abruptly when the Agents were attacked by the aliens. The Alien Intelligence Agency is now recruiting daring Guests to board the spaceship and continue the investigation. Guests are advised to remain calm and watch out for alien encounters.

The baby aliens (they're cute actually) will come out from the eggs when you pass by and try to follow you, but their mother - the giant alien queen, a huge animatronic - is waiting at the exit to protect her babies and prevent they being taken by the visitors. Another one with the broken electric wires and space suits is at the entrance of Alien Invasion. According to the story of Alien Invasion, the agency couldn't find the entrance of the spaceship and decided to open it by using a bomb.

Frederick Chan director of marketing at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort declared: “This year, we set ourselves the task of creating a very unique Halloween experience using the imaginative theme of Alien Invasion as the storyline”. He added: “The Guests’ experience has been planned meticulous care along with their probable psychological response to the scary factors. There is no doubt this all-new attraction will make Guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Hollywood movie.”

Talking about movie, they've finally released the full version of the Halloween TV commercial, and it's indeed a real little movie, all in one minute!

They've also released the making-of, and it's interesting to have a look at it just to see that a 1 minute TV ad is not necessary a small production.

The dark force spreads also beyond Tomorrowland to the rest of the Park, and ghostly souls have returned to the Main Street Haunted Hotel. In Adventureland explorers have gone missing in the Demon Jungle.

They have done new scenes inside demon Jungle labyrinth, but HKDL only released pictures of this last scene where an Adventurer is attached on the wall and asked you to help her (or him) out.

Also, every night, Jack Skellington is rocking the Park with the Glow in the Park Halloween Parade. Screams are also being heard from those surrounded by ghastly ghosts and ghouls in the darkness of Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy. Yep, the same Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy that is coming at Disneyland this Halloween season!

Finally, specially at the intention of my HKDL fans chinese readers, here is the video of the Alien Invasion Opening last night at HKDL.

All pictures and videos: copyright Disney - Hong kong Disneyland

Alien Invasion Opening video: copyright gilbert23059 whom i thanks a lot.

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