Sunday, September 13, 2009

WDS Toy Story Playland Posters !

Disneyland Paris released three posters of the upcoming Toy Story Playland currently under construction at the Walt Disney Studios.

Opening in June 2010, Toy Story Playland will have three attractions named:

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

RC Racer

Slinky Dog's Zig-Zag Spin

The poster for Slinky Dog's Zig-Zag Spin was finally released today and i added it below.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Sebassah said...

Looks great, i just hope that the RCracer wont kill the thematic view over frontierland, kinda like tower did...

Anonymous said...

This looks rather cheap. Then again, the design of Toy Story is very cheap too. I'm realy hoping this land will be filled with lot's of green and trees. Don't want the RC Racer coaster to stick out on the WDS skyline.

drew said...

They look like run of the mill, standard one sheets. I guess it makes sense for Walt Disney Studios, but they definitely lack the grandeur and allure that has become so associated with Disney attraction posters.

Nicholas Tucker said...

Looks great. I'm excited.