Friday, September 18, 2009

D23 Expo : Imagineering - The Storytellers Sandbox

I have more from the D23 Expo Parks and Resorts pavilion for you today, thanks to a great Youtube video from Tkfore21.

WDI Imagineers presented a brand new experience called "The Storytellers Sandbox". As you may have guess, it's made with sand, or actually video projection on sand. But as you will see the experience is interactive and the effects amazing. Have a look!

Youtube video: copyright Tkfore21 whom i thanks a lot!


Matt said...

That's very cool

Angeline said...

That's really amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

While the video is great, it really doesn't do the experience justice. The Parks and Resorts pavillion in (and specifically Storyteller's Sandbox) was one of the best parts of this amazing Expo! In the Bahamas story, seeing the baby turtles crawl up out of the sand was a moment for major goosebumps. A few of us even had lumps in our throats. I feel so lucky to have seen this in person!