Friday, February 28, 2014

Disneyland Paris LEGO Store Finally Opens - Full Report !

Believe it or not but something new opened today at Disneyland Paris and it is the awaited LEGO Store at the Disney Village - DLP "Downtown Disney". The store opening happened this morning at 9 a.m with DLP Ambassadors and Ward Van Duffel, Vice-President and General Manager of LEGO Europe. Let's have a look at this new shop thanks to pictures of Max Fan D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

According to Max, this LEGO store looks really great and its design couldn't be more far than the previous Hollywood Pictures store and brings some welcome modern design at the Disney Village.



And to inaugurate this first day of the LEGO shop it was a young child who cut the ribbon!

Max also filmed the shop opening on every angle so let's have a look at it in details!

The store include many LEGO statues of different characters, whether from Disney or Pixar movies or even Star Wars with R2D2.

A great Mickey Sorcerer from Fantasia, all made with LEGO bricks!

The "brick wall" allows to find brick of different sizes or colors usually difficult to find. The cups with which you get them have two sizes, the small one is at 9.99€, the large one at 17.99€

The "link" with Disney is present in the shop decor, less in the items on sale as the customer will have the choice between many franchises: Star Wars, Hobbit, Marvel, Simpsons, Princesses ( Disney or not ), Pirates, Creator, etc

Young children can play in a mini playground area...


... and nearby an augmented reality screen allows to see - when you put the box in front of it - how will look the toy once built - good idea!

A little hello from DLP Ambassadors...

You can also create your own LEGO figures, price is 7.99€ for three.

There is too a LEGO Ghost House - looking like Phantom Manor - at 197.99€

The music in the shop is totally different than the one you can hear in the Disney Village, and it's very pleasant to be in a different atmosphere. Although the two dominant colors are the yellow and white, when you're inside the shop the atmosphere is not cold as the lighting and the colors from the LEGO statues brings a happy mood. What is obvious however is the shop modern design in comparison to Disney Village others shops, except World of Disney. But DLP has a plan to change all Disney Village shops in a near future, so...

Note that although they've kept the open doors on the left and right allowing guests to go from one shop to another you'll have to pay for the LEGO items before you go in another shop, contrary at what was possible before. Today's opening was very successful and even after DLP fans were gone the shop was still full of guests from DLP hotels who came in to discover the new shop. One more good news: the shop will be open every day from 9 am till midnight!

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Article Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome

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Emil Sixh said...

I've got a hint couple of months back by a builder that he was doing some Malificent stuff for the store, i thought it would be the dragon in a scale model or her as 1:1 figue like buzz and woody.
But i guess the framed movie scene is cool aswell.

Im prod to be Danish when I see one of our biggest companies prosper in such enviroment, really nice store.
The Fantasia Build is epic and I haven't seen that before. Very impressed.

h. Emiru