Monday, February 24, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland "Paint The Night Parade" Might Come Too at Disneyland's for DL 60th anniversary

Apparently the new guest interactive Hong Kong Disneyland "Paint The Night Parade" might be introduced too next year at Disneyland's for the park's 60th anniversary. In other words it will be a HKDL exclusive for six months or so, but if this is confirmed it will be great news for Disneyland fans!

Also, the Hong Kong Legislative Council Panel on Economic Development announced it will support the construction of the third Disneyland hotel. The Government plans to submit funding applications in early May said Kim Min ho , CEO of Hong Kong Disneyland, and the new hotel rates are expected to range between those of the two existing hotels park, or about 2000-3000 Yuan .

Members are concerned that the government will have a meeting with the Walt Disney Company, when it will start discussions on Hong Kong Disneyland Phase II development. Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Andrew Wong said that the WDC and the theme park operating companies have continued to discuss about the park remaining land for the first phase of the park development and also makes preliminary study on the second phase of development. The WDC will  give to HKDL Phase 2 a priority right to development.

Talking about HKDL here is a great piece of artwork done by S.W Wilson, the same person who did the great map of DL including Star Wars Land that you can see on the next post below. On the top you have the WDI artwork for Mystic Manor and on the bottom, done in the same style he envisioned an Indiana Jones Adventure Pyramid ( like at TDS ) and an Indy mini land. Good idea, they should built it in the remaining land at HKDL Adventureland ( as well as at DLP! ). The full triptych artwork can be seen on his web site HERE. 

Pictures : copyright Disney


Unknown said...

SWEET! I hope it's true!

Jarod said...

Sounds cool, but I have also been hearing the Main Street Electrical Parade will be shipped back from WDW for 2016, and the new Festival of Fantasy parade will run day and night like the current sounsational parade does now. (Which to be honest makes a lot more sense as they just "upgraded" that one for DL a few years back and it would be way more cost effective for all three of the parks (DL, WDW, and TDL)